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'Stain on Public Service': Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Fellow Democrat Barbara Boxer for Helping Lyft Fight Against California Labor Bill

California democrats are masters are pulling the rug over your face. They will look all progressive and like while they are dealing themselves in on the gravy train. I guess that is true for everywhere now and most of the republicans are worse. It is a sad situation for this nation and for those of us who can’t use the power given us by the people to benefit ourselves. I don’t want to do that but we are being left behind by the people we have empowered.


When she goes away can she take Pelosi with her - I assume to some gated estate in Napa Valley.

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I don’t know what this group thinks of the late Ted Kennedy, but imo AOC has the kind of fighting spirit he always exhibited.

Agreed - this is a bit off topic since the issue of the story is really the Government <-> Lobbyist revolving door. I do think the misclassification of workers is a pretty important issue in its own right because of how companies will use that as a way to avoid complying with workers’ rights legislation.


We call it Public Service – in private they call it what it truly is - Self Service.

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WHich always brings us back to this

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

  • John F. Kennedy

I will be happy to take you up on that bet since there is no such law. Having people show up whenever they want and for how long they want is pretty close to Uber and Lyft’s business model - so yeah they can do that (and will). They are successful because so many people want to do that. In fact, with the addd benefits of Social Security and so forth even more people will want to do that so they will be able to continue to deploy rapid service to their customers.


Again - there is nothing about hiring anyone full time in this law at all - that is completely your fantasy. The law merely classifies these folks as Uber employees since that is what they are. Nothing more.

As part time employees, Uber will not have any laws requiring them to pay medical benefits (though of course they can take a responsible attitude if they want for employees who don’t otherwise have insurance). They will be required to pay California’s minimum wage, and to collect and pay payroll taxes as appropriate.

Uber operates in 60 different countries and in several of those, their drivers are now classified as employees by law. Yet, they have not scheduled those drivers as you say they will in California - so I see no evidence for you assertions whatsoever (Though, in the UK, they have required their drivers to take a break after 10 hours of continuous driving to avoid accidents caused by fatigue - a positive effect of having the rextra esponsibility of their drivers being employees).


Although I agree with Alex’s premise about ex politicians and corporations, AB5 is going to interfere with a lot of careers. Needless to say, it protects the rich, like physicians, and their rich accountants. But it hurts those of us who can’t stand our skills being under the thumbs of idiot HR managers and job perpetuating C suite directives.

Uber has more than one type of service but they are actually listed as a Taxi Service Company. This might be part of the confusion. Uber also has a different level of foreign investment and foreign markets.

Lyft is different, it is San Francisco based transportation network company that is provides other services.
“It develops, markets, and operates the Lyft mobile app, offering car rides, scooters, and a bicycle-sharing” In the U.S. and a few in Canada.

AOC should have contacted Boxer personally, Boxer has a national campaign that supports new democrats like AOC. She also has a pretty good record that proceeds her as well.


What medical insurance? Ombamacare does not apply to the type of part time employees you are describing.
When I do 1099 work - I do so independently of the company hiring me and I would thus fit under the AB 5 definition of a private contractor. This law only affects situations where W-2 work is misclassified as 1099 work.


If what they say is true, Boxer, don’t show your face in public. What a sellout. You make a slug look good.

When did ANYBODY ever bother to ask THOSE people?

Some speciously oblivious FORMER yuppies, believed Obama would protect us from 1% 1099 indentured sharecropping!

True that Lyft does not operate in as many countries. But note that Uber also offers car rides, scooters, and bicycle-sharing - they are pretty much in the same business.

Also note that Babara Boxer’s PAC does not support progressive primary challenges to any sitting member of congress - so I’m not sure why you feel she is supporting people like AOC.


There’s lots of spillover to other fields. No mention/ interest in coverage by corporate media OR lefty blogs. Experienced 3rd Party inspectors are regularly being dumped in favor of FAR cheaper if less fastidious, knowledgeable, troublesome temp “hands,” desperate enough to do gig work as 1099 indentured contractors, to escape repo-men, skip-trackers, POs, deputies. Obama’s 2007 bill outlawed W4 employee misclassification, but wasn’t enforced (ALEC & ThirdWay Democrats, in right-to-work states, at first), now it’s many occupations, everywhere.

Golf clap…The truth never lies.

No Worker’s Comp, Unemployment, overtime, Social Security or SSI disability, no Medical insurance public or private, EEOC-type protection, liability of any sort… Again, stuff that used to shock Yankees (working down south, when Reagan’s Miracle destroyed the rust belt). Now, thanks largely to Kleptocrats, we’re ALL indentured peons, virtual sharecroppers on serf sector gigs; Massa’s 2nd Amendment superceding our 13th?

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Where would we look? Aside from (right around a dozen) lefty blog-aggregators more or less surviving PropRnot, Correct the Record and Google/Facebook/Twitter stomp downs; our tag-team kleptocracy meets in smoke filled rooms and whatever it is they’re smoking isn’t particularly creativity enhancing?

Belief in the chair throwing trope, appears to be indicative of early-onset venal dementia amongst liberal yuppies? Those, of sufficiently speciously gullible mindset to buy into Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Robby Mook & David Brock’s silly ass RussiaRussiaRussiaGate™ were all over this obvious bullshit.

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“Rickshaw America!”