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'Stain on Public Service': Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Fellow Democrat Barbara Boxer for Helping Lyft Fight Against California Labor Bill

Golf clap…The truth never lies.

No Worker’s Comp, Unemployment, overtime, Social Security or SSI disability, no Medical insurance public or private, EEOC-type protection, liability of any sort… Again, stuff that used to shock Yankees (working down south, when Reagan’s Miracle destroyed the rust belt). Now, thanks largely to Kleptocrats, we’re ALL indentured peons, virtual sharecroppers on serf sector gigs; Massa’s 2nd Amendment superceding our 13th?

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Where would we look? Aside from (right around a dozen) lefty blog-aggregators more or less surviving PropRnot, Correct the Record and Google/Facebook/Twitter stomp downs; our tag-team kleptocracy meets in smoke filled rooms and whatever it is they’re smoking isn’t particularly creativity enhancing?

Belief in the chair throwing trope, appears to be indicative of early-onset venal dementia amongst liberal yuppies? Those, of sufficiently speciously gullible mindset to buy into Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Robby Mook & David Brock’s silly ass RussiaRussiaRussiaGate™ were all over this obvious bullshit.

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“Rickshaw America!”

I have to look into this a little more. However, there is a different approach to providing similar services between these corporations. Both are based on convenience and have pros and cons. It would be great if they could provide a useful service and sustainable workforce but they definitely need to make some changes. Uber still being linked to traditional use taxi model. Beyoncé banked 300 million before they went public.

Establishment corporatist Democrats are like zombies, even after you get them out of office they return, to haunt us. We need to hire a bunch of socialists to follow them around saying “boo!” Its the only thing I’ve seen so far that seems to scare them away.

This is the same Barbara Boxer WHO LIED during the rigged Dem Nevada primary that “she saw” Bernie supporters ‘throwing chairs.’
HER WORDS WERE A BIG FAT LIE; nobody threw anything—oops, well, Debbie Wasserman Schultz & the EVEN THEN corrupt DNC threw the primary to HRClinton.

Once a lying corporate whore, always a -------

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No wonder she retired so early.

Early, she is almost 80 years old.

And ALL politician lie.

No - Obamacare only requires health insurance for full time employees - not for the part-timers. For those drivers that are full time (i.e. not the ones you were addressing) - they would be required to provide insurance as they should to be on a level playing field with their competitors.
If you want to read the details of the employer mandate under Obamacare it is here.

I distinctly & w/horror still, remember her LYING about BERNIE supporters during the Nevada primary–she claimed she saw them “throwing chairs,” as if to say they were out of control. NEVAHHAPPENED; BIG FAT LIE

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