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'Stakes Are Getting Higher': 83 People Arrested, Maced in North Dakota


'Stakes Are Getting Higher': 83 People Arrested, Maced in North Dakota

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

More than 80 people were arrested in North Dakota on Saturday, as police armed with pepper spray descended on a protest near the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) construction site.


The Iron Heel, or make that Hell, descends, seeking to crush all who dare stand in opposition. There are more people than iron heels. Stand strong!


Disgusting. But history will move forward and soon these Water Protectors will be viewed in the same light as the nonviolent civil rights protesters of the early sixties - while the person giving the orders to the police will be reviled as the Bull Connor of our times.


Unacceptable. The U.S. must honor its treaties with Native Americans, not to mention wean itself off of fossil fuels. This should be a "case closed" issue. It just shows that our politicians in Washington are slaves to corporate interests.


And still no word from Obama and Clinton, both supposed champion of indigenous rights. The silence is deafening.


This is horrible. Beatings and strip searches? I sure hope someone was there with cameras - that weren't confiscated.

This behavior loudly illustrates the costs of allowing police abusers to get get away with even one incidence of immoral, and unaccountable actions - they just get worse the next time. "History will move forward' cannot come soon enough. It is past time for us to create a present in which the rights of people are superior to the rights of profits.


These people are modern day heroes standing for what they know is right. This is how things really get changed, by brave folks like these.


Where is the press?
Where is Hillary who tells us that she holds women and children in very high regard?


Once again -

If Obama had guts and conviction he'd do what Eisenhower did in 1957 when Arkansas Gov Faubus called out the National Guard to prevent black children from entering the Little Rock schools, just as the governor of North Dakota has called out the National Guard to prevent the protests.

He'd federalize the entire North Dakota National Guard and use them to protect the protesters.


This very brief, informative, and funny video, "Dakota Excess Pipeline; Oil is Life," by The Juice Media explains everything about fossil fuels, U.S. policy both domestic and foreign, and the way that the indigenous people, who also happen to be U.S. citizens, are being treated by their government:


Clinton has indeed been completely silent on this issue - but the White House has not been. The administration stopped the pipeline from going through public land and the President praised the tribes who were protesting with the Standing Rock Sioux in speeches. Also, in a few weeks the White House is scheduled to address the DAPL "We The People" petition that received more than doubled the number of required signatures.


May be true, but they're still going to get the pipeline, because treaties with native peoples are only valid as long as they don't own anything the white man wants.


Obama's order stopped the pipeline from going through PUBLIC land - NOT necessarily treaty land. That's the key to the problem - the defenders are still not protected, especially since the SD judge's ruling last week; hence the need to call out the National Guard IF in fact the POTUS is willing to support the Defenders and enforce the Treaties.


The issue of the pipeline on treaty lands is being litigated in the courts (actually the issue of whether the Federal government adequately consulted with the tribes in allowing the project to move forward). Clearly, Obama would never be willing to go so far as to involve federalized National Guard involvement.


Um, did you read the last paragraph of the article?

Construction on the pipeline is continuing despite a request from the federal government to put a halt on activity so that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers can properly consider objections.


Well, actually this article has pushed together the entire history of this one witness at this one location, making the "reportage" more inflammatory than necessary. And the strip searches were routine, on admission to a jail facility.


Clinton knows she has the tribes' endorsement and votes, just like organized labors' endorsements and votes are hardwired to her. Why would she pay any attention to the standoff when when any action on her part might cut into petrochemical money she and the DNC get while not paying attention will not affect the number of votes she gets from tribal members but


Agreed. The fact that she is ignoring the issue does not bode well for those fighting the pipeline. I feel the best hope here is that the tribes will win the court case


Actually, they are a sovereign nation. That's the "treaty" glitch in this.


The pipeline company owns the land in question, not the tribe. The issue is that the tribe has had access to it and used it for ritual and cultural purposes. And that the pipeline threatens their water source.