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'Stakes Higher Than They Appear' as Progressive Caucus Battles Pelosi Over Drug-Pricing Bill in House

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/10/stakes-higher-they-appear-progressive-caucus-battles-pelosi-over-drug-pricing-bill

Pelosi and her allies are not Moderates, they’re "Corporatists."


But we love her because she’s a “powerful woman.” Sure - she’s powerful but she ain’t progressive. Until we get that powerful anti-progressive woman out of the way we will see very little good done by congress for the american people.


“Moderate,” is when the deputies give you 20 minutes to get your stuff out of your former home, onto the icy street; once you’re destitute from a life-flight, paramedic, ER visit or Hep C treatment? If they shoot you through your window & we only hear about it on Democracy Now, we’ll bemoan THAT, maybe sign a petition… decrying the resultant spam and robo-calls? Who do we vote for, once they’ve crushed Bernie, this time?


If the CPC holds the line here and hands Nancy a defeat, I’ll be impressed.

Also, surprised as hell. More often than not, unlike the Blue Dogs, they cave.

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Why doesn’t the article just come out and tell the whole truth which is that Nancy Pelosi gets some of her biggest “campaign contributions” from big pharma and the health insurance industry?


There’s something Swiftian about “A Moderate Proposal”

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“On the other side is Nancy Pelosi and her centrists up for reelection.”


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This is all BS wrapped in a tidy package. The truth is that all drugs should be close to free through a national health plan. This stuff costs pennies to make. The rest is greed and should be criminal.


OFF TOPIC. I just watched an ad for Marine recruitment. Nice to see guns blasting up a middle-east country of no name. I don’t think I like my country much anymore.

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Dim Losership and their corporate Dim sycophants claim the mantel of capitalist and smack around Democratic Socialists daily.

Well, it appears these shitgibbons are all for socialism for the drug cartels and disaster crapitalism for the American Citizen.

Cannot wait for PeLousi and The sCHmUCK to croak.

Is a one dollar cyanide pill one of the drugs Speaker Pelosi wants to lower the price of; for people not millionaires, but over 62? How about over 70, then? She and Steny will come up with a compromise and settle on 66, I’ll just bet ya’.
I know you can’t take it with you when you go; but the full price of a Donny ( The Big Lebowski ) send off is about $ 479.95 on special, right now in Portland. That’s just not fair to those running the ovens, imo.

The Go Along To Get Along Caucus makes my head spin as they cherry pick their battles without seeming rhyme nor reason. When Medicare-4-All gets passed, a stand alone drug pricing bill becomes superfluous or does this mean they have given up all hope of that every happening? After passing a Patriot Act extension, letting Nancy rub their bellies on the “trade deal formerly known as NAFTA”, and refusing to back labor rights legislation, this is the mole hill these so called progressives decide to die on? Even if Bernie or Tulsi gets elected, it will be changing drivers in a car with no tires and a blown engine if this is an example of the people they think will back their agenda.