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Stamp Out the Trump Attacks on Our Postal Service!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/17/stamp-out-trump-attacks-our-postal-service


Down in the polls, bully Trump doubles down to destroy the toys so that no one else can play with them, such is the mind of this toddler. One need not read a psychoanalysis of him to know what he is about–he is about himself and nothing more. Lacking praise, false or bribed, his only source of energy is spite–his long suit. The conservatives will kiss his ring to kill the USPS, a decades-old wet dream of theirs. I’ll be at my Post Office this Saturday and I am not one that usually musters for such demonstrations. I shall not play politics that day. Red hat, blue hat, rainbow hat, I shall not care what hat someone wears, just that they care to show. This issue transcends politics. This is about the right to vote in a fair election. Once lost it might never be regained absent bloodshed of immense proportion. Peace.


CAn we stop referring to these problems as if “Trump” is the source? Trump is just the ‘spokes model’ for this ‘product’. In this case Killing the USPS is and has been a Republican wet dream for many decades Trump is simply the one out front now.
Referring to something like this as a Trump Attack is misleading. It would appear that if Trump goes away, the problem goes away. It won’t because this, and other issues are systemic.


Excellent and comprehensive indictment of trump and his lackey DeJoy from Michael Winship. Both of those creatures and really the entire trump regime, the worst examples of greed, deceit, self-interest, and corruption at the expense of all others and all else. Their MO to destroy all that serves and protects our critical environment and Common Good in the worship of Mammon…

Those two, their masters, sycophants, and complicit co-conspirators must be removed from any position of power and held to severe full account for the wide variety of their crimes, treason, environmental pollution, and deadly abuses of millions of vulnerable people!


It’s NOT ONLY TRUMP–the REPUBLICANS and their right-wing extremist corporatists–like the KOCH BROTHERS, Federalist Society, Heritage FOundation et al–have been working on this for DECADES…sometimes w/DEMOCRATS’ complicty by being too gutless to fight back–sometimes as with Bill & Hillary, actual COLLUSION (such as REPEAL of Glass-Stegal which unleashed Wall St.//Big Bankers to almost destroy the economy in 2008-9).


Absolutely Lydia! The PTB dominate politics and elections via big-money and control both party establishments - aka “leadership” - and nothing will change until and unless we remove big-money and “money equals free speech” sanctified by the right-wing Supremes!

Having a political party dedicated to and actually working for the public/99% and Common Good rather than wealth, profits above all else, war-machine, and vulture capitalist power, is essential! Having progressive-left candidates of honesty and also dedication to The Commons is essential - IMO - and that we do not have and have not had for at least 40 years. Keep what faith is left to us to fight all aspects of oligarchy-kleptocracy and military/police-state!

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Lets stop acting like this is only a gop issue. In the 109th congress, when the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act was passed, the dems held 44% of the votes in the Senate, and 47% of the votes in the House.
The legislation passed with without objection via voice vote. Now to be fair there are dems in Congress now, who weren’t there in 2006, but those that were, allowed this vote to go through without any dissent.

There is now evidence DeJoy is not just doing Trump’s bidding to stop mail-in voting, but has committed a criminal offence by profiting off of the downfall of the USPS.

“Trump’s Postmaster General CAUGHT Profiting Off Destroying The Post Office”
Ring of Fire Platform

They now have a criminal charges to go after DeJoy with, so the question is, will current dems do their job, and go after DeJoy, or play politics with meaningless hearings until it’s too late, and uphold their former members approval of destroying the USPS.


Send them a card or letter and maybe, just maybe if you’re lucky it will get to them in time to do any good. I waited about a week last week for medicine to arrive that only had to travel 30 miles. I found out it got routed from Kansas to Des Moines, Iowa and back to Kansas where I live.

In the small town I live in they have already taken away all the mailboxes that used to be all over town and at the grocery stores. Now it’s down to just the drive-up box outside the post office. I’m waiting for them to do away with that one, too, some day which will force folks to go inside the lobby to mail letters that aren’t able to mail them from their homes. Of course they’ve severely shortened the post office lobby hours, too.

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Many states do not require an ID to be shown at the polls. The signature on file that is given at registration needs to match as well as the voter’s address in order to access a ballot. No different with mail in voting; the personal details need to match in order to receive the ballot and then verified to be counted. Voter ID’s (despite Court’s rulings) are used for voter suppression. To continually insist on the existence of widespread voter fraud is right wing nonsense used to discourage voting.

Exactly! Just this morning a D Senator was on the tube and he kept referring to the USPS as a business.
It’s a “Public Service Fed Agency”, NOT a business! So, he shows he agrees w/ the GOP trope that the
USPS needs to be “self sustaining/funding”. He kept saying how he supports a $10B “Loan” to get the
USPS “back on it’s feet, like the other businesses that got PPP”.

The Rs and Ds AGREE that the USPS should be privatized, because they have the same masters!
They only care now b’cuz it’s an anti-Trump talking point, and they want to be sure they get all the
mail in ballots possible. After the election… It’s back to neglect and slow death. They’ve had since
2006 to fix & enhance the USPS, and have not lifted a finger, why would they start in 2021?