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Stand Up and Sit In for Democracy


Stand Up and Sit In for Democracy

Jim Hightower

The jig is up, my time has come. I’m about to be arrested. They’ll be hauling me away in mid-April.

Not for doing anything wrong but for standing up for what’s right. Or, more accurately, I’ll be sitting down for what’s right by participating in a sit-in at the U.S. Capitol.

"The moment is ripe to rally a People’s rebellion, intervene in this year’s elections with a clear change agenda, and make this moment the turning point for actually implementing those changes."


Jim Hightower tells it like it is! He has been a friend and supporter of Bernioe for some years and has officially endorsed. We do need some street actions to rouse the people and increase support for Bernie, especially among the most brainwashed demographic groups, notably older Americans that realize the issues but pick Hillary over Bernie - that is a grave mistake we must somehow get them to realize!

Has anyone else noticed the extreme similarity between Doug Neidermeyer, the ROTC fascist from Animal House, and Trumps attack-dog Corey Lewandowski? They both look alike and act alike - and Lewandowski isn't wearing a pledge-pin!!

"We now consecrate the bond of obedience. Assume the position."

"Thank you sir, may I have another?"


I am seriously considering showing up in D.C., or maybe even Philadelphia-
Enough is enough!
Anyone else considering joining Jim Hightower and Chris Hedges (I assume) on this long overdue confrontation????


Is Chris going? (link?)


No link-I said "I assume"-
I would guess that he would want to be A part of this, but at this point I can not confirm-


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I have been saying for a long time that such mass protests, sit-ins and shut-downs have been targeting the wrong target.

Occupy Wall Street realized they should target Wall Street not government. That was a step in the right direction.

We now need to go one step further. We need to target the mouthpiece propaganda arm of the plutocracy so they can't ignore us. We need to target the media.

As long as it is somewhere else, the media can ignore us. But when they can't get in and out of their own studios, they'll end up showing us.

I"m talking about local actions. The next march in Seattle shouldn't be downtown. It should surround and shut down KOMO (ABC), KING (NBC), KIRO (CBS), and KCPQ (Fox). The same thing in other cities like L.A., Chicago, and New York. There should be shut-downs of the studio where Meet the Press is in D.C.


Agreed we need much more protesting and sit-ins. We need millions not thousands. Just imagine 10 million of us on the streets of Manhattan standing/sitting in absolute silence for as long as it takes.


Until progressives get the corporate MSM back that are cheerleaders for the corporate state of military, violence and wars, we will never get our country back to what America professes is it's ideals.