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Stand Up to Big Pharma Greed. Vote Yes on Proposition 61


Stand Up to Big Pharma Greed. Vote Yes on Proposition 61

Bernie Sanders

Prescription drug prices in the United States are the highest in the world — by far. Californians on Nov. 8 have a chance to stand up to the pharmaceutical industry’s greed and spark a national movement to end this price-gouging.


Will you be offering a single-payer, universal health care bill in congress any time soon?


"Today no laws prevent drug companies from doubling or tripling drug prices" implies that the US Government has ignored this issue and laws are silent on this issue, when, in fact, both the bipartisan 2003 Medicare Part D legislation and Obamacare specifically prohibit the US Government, other than the Veterans Administration (VA), from negotiating drug prices.

Obama kicked off his first term, and the start of crafting Obamacare, with a secret meeting with BillyTauzin to assure him that Obamacare would prohibit the negotiation of drug prices. After spearheading 2003 Medicare Part D into law, Tauzin immediately jumped ship to take a $2 million K Street drug industry lobbying job.


I agree Bernie that we all need to stand up to big pharma greed, but why didn't you lead by example and stand up to Hillary who is nothing but a stooge for big Pharma greed and Wall Street greed?


The drug companies know that they must defeat Proposition 61 as much as they needed to recall California Governor Gray Davis in 2003 when he was on the verge of signing single-payer into law in California. Arnold the Terminator (Gray's successor) subsequentlytwice vetoed single payer in California. The drug companies know that when these changes happen in California it is just a matter of time until they spread nationwide.


His offer will be just like his campaign: a weak and pathetic illusion. At least Don Quixote is a damn good musical. Sanders is just another flea bitten mange politician.

Jill Stein 2016!


Prop 61 is being fought with millions of corporate cash. Sanders is the only strong voice in opposition. So what are you doing these days?


So where do you f...ing stand on prop 61, the point of this article?


You left out hypocrite! Bernie was still soliciting campaign funds even though Bernie knew he was throwing his support to HRC.

Jill not Hill.


So, vote no on prop 61?


What a little clique of jerks. Sanders speaks up for something good against corporate millions, and all we get here is their petty resentment.


Couldn't find anything about Stein or the Greens fighting for 61(or doing anything else). Even the Peace and Freedom Party is out fighting for it. The Greens are only interested in raising funds.




I'm sure he will; as he has done many times over the years. In the last congress his bill was called the American Health Security Act (Senate Bill 1782).


Bernie, what would be helpful in my view is to remove patents from all drugs and legalize pot across the country. Not only are these drug prices out in the stratosphere but there are safer ones such as pot. Time for Big Pharma to slim down and revert back to what they once were: manufacturing plants--nothing more. University labs, using tax revenues to research, develop drugs, should not be permitted to sell patents to anyone--they should be regarded as part of the commons, the right of all.


Yep--and even with single payer insurance they must be mandated to cover pot as a drug and Big Pharma not be permitted to grab the rights to sell it.


Perhaps Billy has an empty office waiting for Obama?


Web site. I can tell you they are invisible on the ground. As usual.


You people are utter crap. Sanders was smart to separate from you all. There is not an ounce of true progressive sentiment among you.


I saw that the local progressive groups either had no recommendation on 61 (they did on just about everything else) or a no.

And I saw Bernie was out here advocating yes. I voted yes.

But I'm wondering why the local progressive groups are not joining in.

Thanks for fighting for it Bernie!