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Stand with Okinawa

Stand with Okinawa

Moé Yonamine

“Don’t cry here,” an 86-year-old Okinawan grandmother I had never met before told me. She stood next to me and took my hand. I had been visiting my family in Okinawa with my four children early in August and had traveled to Henoko, in the northeastern region of our main island, to join the protest against the U.S. military’s relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station from Futenma, located in the center of an urban district, to Camp Schwab, in a more remote coastal region.

As a Distinguished Culture, Okinawa has endured Great Hardship over the Centuries
Most notably from the Japanese Feudalism but also from the US’s Imperialism
Both treat the Ryukyuan Peoples as steppingstones

These People exhibit Extraordinary Heart and have influenced my life in a most Profound manner

From my first assignment at Kadena to the decades of study in Shorin Ryu and Matayoshi Kobodo, I cannot repay their kindness enough

These People, Their Precious Islands, deserve our Repatriations not our continued abuse and destruction

There is a Shimmering Light in all these People who have endured so much

Their Heart cannot be extinguished, Ever!

Wake Up. Save their Precious Island Home

The Americans and their Jar Headed Marines need to pack it up and move it out…NOW

And the Traitorous Japanese, the same detail

Blessings to Okinawa and it’s Amazing People

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If the U.S. military leaves the island, do you have a means to defend yourselves?


Right now the only invader is the US