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Stand with Puerto Rico -- Not the Banks


Stand with Puerto Rico -- Not the Banks

Wenonah Hauter

It’s been one week since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, and nearly half of Puerto Ricans now lack access to safe drinking water and much of the island is still without power. This is a calamity that means lives are still at risk today, long after the disaster itself. Hospitals there are running off of generators, and fuel to power them is running out.


“People before profits…” I don’t understand. What…? I’ve read and re-read that line multiple times, it’s just not computing for me. What is more important than profits? Could someone explain this to me?


recently i read about cuba’s plan for disaster preparedness. of course cuba is no stranger to hurricanes meaning they expect the unexpected. conversely, the u.s. presumes that disasters happen to other countries. when the “unexpected” hits home like a katrina or the massive tornado that destroyed much of joplin missouri, the media calls these storms “once in a life time” or that “this catastrophe will go down in history!” perhaps sandy, harvey, maria and such will awaken more and more citizens to prepare and expect the unexpected.

individual households can prepare by purchasing small amounts each trip like an extra pack of drinking water, extra food in easy-open cans, peanut butter, candles and other emergency supplies. pack your supplies in plastic boxes–not too heavy, you may want them to float. however, cuba goes a stop further. from an early age school kids learn (free education!) and practice how to be first responders so the citizens come together when needed to answer the call,

i like this article but probably won’t contact “my” texas rep in d.c. if those in political positions are so unqualified and unscrupulous that they fail to put “lives ahead of profits” an email from me cannot cure a sociopath. but, hey, each of us has to do what he/she thinks best,


Letter sent. Thank you Food and Water Watch!

Added to the text was:

Please utilize this situation to address the dreadfully long overdue REPEAL of the JONES ACT.

If any one had any doubts about the full-on presence of COLONIZATION OF THE ECONOMIC HEALTH of all of us by neo-liberal predation, this situation serves to illustrate just how co-dependent Milton Freedman/Chicago Boys and Wall Street sludge of a theory of tinkle down really is.


How 'bout a big fat surtax on fossil fuel profits and doing away with their subsidies to finance sustainable reconstruction? Hah! Over THEIR dead bodies?


I heard Puerto Ricans are US Citizens. So, our own citizens lack clean drinking water, food, health care, etc., yet we are going to waste 700 billion on military and war spending.


News about Cuba’s devastation due to Irma is hard to come by but it seems that they actually had a plan and Russia stepped in IMMEDIATELY with help and monetary aid. Other countries did too. Puerto Rico on the other hand IS a US territory, residents ARE US citizens yet a week later barely a trickle of help by our government. For s–ts sake we have military all over the planet and they couldn’t start helping for over a week? Trump took over a week to suspend the shipping regulation holding up supplies? The ships were lined up waiting to unload supplies and they blame lack of communications? Trump’s worried about the predatory bank loans? The richest goddamn country in history can’t launch rescue and relief efforts for over a week and there’s nothing wrong? WTF is wrong with Washington? I wish someone knew because they don’t seem to know much of anything. Jeeezzz


The Puerto Rican debt should be null and void at this point. Why is it that Wall St. is never supposed to lose, ever? Financial speculation is basically gambling, so why do they expect to never lose. It sure doesn’t work that way for the rest of us!


The US government has treated Puerto Rico as second class citizens. For example they don’t get medicaid and other social programs. They have to pay extra for any shipping. The electric utility gets none of the advantages of the us utilities such as stimulus for building generation. This disaster will put them in bankruptcy but no they cannot declare bankruptcy. Perhaps they can borrow money from the Russians like Trump does. Trump surely has a history of not treating Puerto Ricans fairly in New York same as any other minority. Maybe they should withdraw from the US and become a Russian protectorate. It apparently works for Cuba.


Brown people.


So is there an airport still operational on the island that can receive, say, a C-5, or even C-130s?
Drop in some SeaBees with their equipment, and let them roadbuild from there to the ports, where more Construction Battalions can be brought ashore, and get the roads working.

Get people basic supplies, and bring medical MASH facilities (Hey Cuba?) to get people well.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if a Chinese load of solar PV panels were nearby in the Carribean, that could donate (or hold the note on) enough generation to complete the transition ot renewables.

On the repaired roads, those CBs could UNDERGROUND a power grid to cover the island.

In Your Dreams, Fleischman!
OK, I just went and read Harvey Wasserman’s article AFTER the Stand With one. Absolutely!