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Stand Your Ground, Unless You’re a Battered Woman


Stand Your Ground, Unless You’re a Battered Woman

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

Cherelle Baldwin is lucky to be alive. She was repeatedly abused by her ex-partner. She was attacked by him in her own home and defended herself, for which she went to prison. Domestic violence, also referred to as intimate partner violence, afflicts millions of people annually, mostly, but not exclusively, women. When victims defend themselves, they put themselves at risk of becoming doubly victimized: first by their abuser, then at the hands of the criminal-justice system. Women of color are particularly vulnerable, as Cherelle Baldwin’s case so starkly demonstrates.


"Ohio State University law professor Michelle Alexander compared the cases of Marissa Alexander and George Zimmerman on “Democracy Now!,” calling Marissa’s case a “stark example of the discriminatory application of the stand your ground law itself. Here is a woman firing shots in the air to protect herself from what she believed is an abusive spouse, and she winds up getting 20 years, while George Zimmerman is released scot-free after pursuing someone based on racial stereotypes and assumptions of criminality.”

Since the majority of posters who comment have very little empathy for Women's rights or the matter of gender, altogether... I am not only reposting this comparative analysis, but plan to refer to it periodically.

Too many are INURED to the prejudices of patriarchy and what the net impact is on women ALL OVER the world.


I find your comment diversionary. It's also curious that this same species of indictment seldom to never shows up when articles are posted by Tom Engelhardt, Peter Van Buren, and the other "war analysts" who make lots of detailed NOISE about the various battles and who's winning or losing which ones; but are absolutely dimwitted on the trigger and how it delegitimizes the whole bloody boondoggle.

The loyalties shown by posters are quite curious indeed.

FAR more interest is shown (on a regular basis) in discrediting Ms. Goodman, and lately, NPR (when some, albeit hardly all of its subject matter is quite good). Then there are the requisite Chris Hedges' bashers, Ralph Nader bashers, and "Bernie isn't left enough" chorus... strangely mute the past few days.


Don't you suspect these posters are obfuscators of the issue? I do.


ok but will abused men enjoy Amy Goodman's support doing the same?


IF you really believe in what you posted, then you certainly ARE a master of gibberish and what I explain WOULD go right over your head. You seem to have the consciousness of a Cancer cell.


I happen to recognize that 911 WAS an Inside Job. But bringing that up when the topic is specific to women's rights and in this case, a state-sponsored form of gender violence, is suspicious SINCE there is so little empathy for anything to do with women's rights or battery against women or the matter of Gender, altogether.

As a matter of fact, one of the grounds for flagging a post is it's being off topic.


Thank you, Amy, for your great work.... we would not know the extent of this without your detailed analysis.... it is very important to ferret out all the info on cases such as this.


No news here but for those who needed it, this is more proof that the patriarchy is alive and well and ruling the US. Can the revolution we need to survive the ecological crisis encompass the deeper need to stop relating to each other and the rest of nature in this way?


Is Connecticut a "Stand Your Ground" state? Is Goodman arguing it should be? In most places, you're only allowed to use deadly force if there is no other option, which means that if you've got the option, you've got to run. If she was in the car and he was outside it, then it appears to me that she could have run.

As for the case of Marissa Alexander, you can do your own research, but in my reading she had struck me as a very manipulative woman. I didn't trust her rendition of what happened at all.


This nation's criminal justice system has completely failed. I mean it has failed miserably.

The criminals on Wall Street cost thousands of people their homes, their jobs and their sanity yet only a tiny number of those responsible have gone to jail for their crimes. They also cost the American tax payers billions of dollars, or is that trillions. Most of those responsible for the financial crimes that led to the great recession were actually rewarded. Corporate and wealthy tax dodgers are the game of the day (Decade).

But the worst failures of the criminal justice system is how it fails minorities by sometimes killing them even if they are unarmed and not guilty of a fucking thing.

This country sucks.


NPR's false narrative more than makes up for any "good" content.

Boycott NPR! They are little better than Fox, MSNBC or CNN. Nothing but lies 24/7.