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Standing by HB2, NC Governor Advances 'Discriminatory Political Agenda'


Standing by HB2, NC Governor Advances 'Discriminatory Political Agenda'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Obstinate in the face of accusations of hate and discrimination, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday filed a lawsuit against the federal government, signalling that the Republican-controlled state is standing by the anti-LGBTQ legislation known as "Hate Bill 2."

The suit (pdf), which is directed at the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ), attorney general Loretta Lynch, and the agency's civil rights chief Vanita Gupta, seeks injunctive relief against what McCrory describes as "a baseless and blatant overreach."


...and we praise Lincoln for fighting the civil war????!!! We actually started the draft to keep these hateful idiots in the union, when they wanted to leave???!! Could they possibly find a more ridiculous cause than a bathroom??!! Grow up, NC.


The HB2 law (I suppose the "B" stands for bigot) is about discrimination against the LGBT community, but the "bathroom" aspect RepubliCons rail against specifically regards Transgender people - that is getting all the media focus, most of it crap! The Cons talk all kinds of wild rubbish about "children being safe in bathrooms" but that's false scare tactics! what about Trans kids, of which there are more than a few, being safe? What about Trans people who deserve respect for their lives and dignity? This isn't about men walking into women's bathrooms, its about Trans people in the gender they have chosen, including dress and habit,being secure! The "family values" of the right, "religious" right, "conservative" bigots are a hoax, a fraud, and they deserve nothing but contempt and condemnation! "Religious"? I don't think they have a fargin clue what religion means!


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Yet, no charges filed against the men who poisoned an American city's water.
I have grown to expect very little from Obama's house negro. And low and behold, she hit the mark again!


"This is not a time to act out of fear."

Yup - no LOTE voting (smile)


so you think that being homosexual is a choice? you think that being transgendered is a choice? you think that being intersex is a choice? read up on the physiology and biochemistry of the hormones bathing the embryo and fetus brain. very few children, adolescents, and adults would choose to be something ostracized by society, especially by an ignorant society.


Why is it that sex is such an issue i a bathroom. If your mind is centered around sexuality in a bathroom, something is wrong with YOU. Combining sexual thought with the batroom shows an unhealthy view on bathroom behavior. Getting a blowjob in a stall, say at an airport, would be deemed inappriate anywhere...oh wait... Whats funny is that the party that pushed for this is the party most associated with sexual deviancy LOL


This is all smoke and mirrors to distract from more urgent matters at hand. For instance:
Russia is creating three new army divisions for the express purpose of stationing them on the borders threatened by NATO's expanding aggression in the same area.

The US has deployed combat forces to Yemen--can you spell "mission creep"?
Hillary was a leading force behind the sending of Libya's sarin gas stock piles to US backed rebels in Syria. Even British intelligence has determined that the Sarin used in the attacked did not come from any Syrian stockpiles as falsely declared by Doofus Secretary of State John Kerry.
So while the US talks about the desire for "peace", it is doing whatever it can to promote war. So what are we having to read about? Rules for restrooms in North Carolina.
Wake up folks! You are being "punked" (as a verb punked is inner-city African American slang for being tricked or deceived)


Best chance to get rid of McCrory and the repugs in the state assembly. Regardless of if you are a Bernie or Hillary or someone else on the left supporter, vote down ballot to get rid of these righty fools.


Though this issue is not unimportant (anytime a group of people's civil rights are violated is important), I agree with you that Dems and repubs use these social issues as distractions from other deeply important issues affecting far more numbers of people. These are the systemic problems that both parties like to keep off of people's minds.


Yes Poet, the federal government is all in a tizzy about where people pee in NC. They worry about civil rights being violated there.

A fine example of the government/corporate controlled media guiding the nation's thinking into a foolish, manufactured situation.

But the civil rights of people in the Middle East, upon whose heads the federal government drops bombs and otherwise maims and slaughters innocent people, worries them not at all.

That's just another example of humanitarian activity as practiced by the USA.


uhhh, I think YOU just did that.


Sure is funny how the DOJ and the AG can move F A S T, really FAST when they want to, but it can take years when they don't.


Ms Loretta just has about 6-7 months left to build her legacy before being dismissed to the revolving door of think tank or law firm employment.