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Standing Firm at Standing Rock: Why the Struggle is Bigger Than One Pipeline


Standing Firm at Standing Rock: Why the Struggle is Bigger Than One Pipeline

Sarah Jaffe

The first sign that not everything is normal as you drive down Highway 1806 toward the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota is a checkpoint manned by camouflage-clad National Guard troops. The inspection on Sept. 13 was perfunctory; they simply asked if we knew “what was going on down the road” and then waved us through, even though the car we rode in had “#NoDAPL” chalked on its rear windshield.


This 'is' a much bigger issue.
And it should be an issue that is discussed on a national level all across the country.
Where are the spokespeople and where are the attention generating actions?


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I will be interested to come help.


From the Zapatistas



You said that you hoped that the world would send financial support. Is there a community bank or credit union where a trust account can be set up to receive funds?


Incredible article with a spirit that truly shines through. Thank you!

Stay strong and don't turn your backs for a minute. I wish I could give you more than simply my prayers, but that will have to do for now.


I've read so much about this, wasn't gonna read one more--but I'm glad I did. It wasn't quite possible to get through it without crying. What strikes me is that this encampment is going to be like the Paris Commune--something remembered and discussed for hundreds of years. It's IMPORTANT.