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Standing Firm in the Face of Violence


Standing Firm in the Face of Violence

Sonali Kolhatkar

Another week, and another unarmed black man has been shot by police, with video footage of the macabre incident available for all to view from various angles. The shooting death of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Okla., at the hands of a white police officer, Betty Shelby, is sickening. The footage has re-traumatized black Americans, as well as those of us non-black Americans who are paying attention.


"It's freedom of speech--as long as you don't say too much"
--Art Neville, Malcolm Burn, Lorraine Neville, Arthel Neville, Ian Neville
Sons and Daughters [1990]


Our presidential election has become a referendum on which side will
win, with a highly flawed Wall Street-loving war hawk offered up as the
only alternative to Trump.

And there is where depression sets in. We are saddled, we who identify with the culture of the US, with having to decide which is the lesser of two evils. Evil has overcome our choices. I need to now visit a invalid relative here in Germany. But I feel a visceral need to shout out against much that is wrong with the evolving culture of the United States . I feel that my view of a state of being in which I have grown old in has first been slowly clouded and now quickly degenerating into shared chaos. What can we do?


To many, this warrior Goddess is the only choice as an alternative to an all white moron which is really sad. Unfortunately, the nation is sandwiched between this two evil. This needs to be changed bu not knowing how. Probably everyone needs a pitchfork to tear apart the DC politicians.