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Standing for Refugees, Sanders Urges Against Post-Paris 'Demagoguery'


Standing for Refugees, Sanders Urges Against Post-Paris 'Demagoguery'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As media pundits, Republican leaders, and more than half of U.S. states moved to slam the door on war refugees from Syria in the wake of attacks in Paris, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders delivered a speech in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday night saying the nation must "not succumb to Islamophobia" or give into such "demagoguery and fear-mongering."

Speaking to a crowd of 7,000 at Cleveland State University, Sanders, who is running for president in 2016 as a Democrat, said that in "these difficult times.... We will not turn our backs on the refugees."


Good to see Sanders standing up for what's right.

Hillary is probably looking into ways to assist French stockbrokers.


Those who have actually trained, armed, and bankrolled ISIS would love for the USA to rush off and invade another country, just like what we did after 9/11. War is SO profitable, after all. This time, maybe cooler heads will prevail... or, not.


Hillary will weigh in on this subject as soon as the results of the first poll are taken.


" We will not be terrorized or live in fear." Bernie Sanders.

Looks to me that those 27 State Islamophobic, Governors are doing exactly that!


As this debate takes place around us, I value Bernie's leadership and respect his position.


Secretary Clinton should just tell ISIS to "Cut it out" like she did Wall Street financial capitalists. Of course, ISIS will no more listen to her than did the financial capitalists.


The nation is fortunate to have a man, in Bernie Sanders, a man with the requisite judgment to handle complex foreign and domestic problems wisely and justly with reason. Early posting on a thread is better nowadays before the pouters show up. Go Bernie.


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Of course governors don't have the power to keep refugees from Syria out of their state so it is all about trying to score political points just like Trump is trying to do on this issue. Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley both continue to support allowing 65,000 Syrian refugees into the US by the end of 2016 as they stated during the last debate and Bernie Sanders has a similar view without expressing an exact number. Clearly the Republicans see this as a issue they can win on which why it is important to keep making the case against this type of demagoguery like Sanders is doing. I expect all three Democratic candidates to speak out clearly and often on this issue.


I don't remember those, now calling for prohibiting all or non-Christian Syrian refugees for coming the the US, calling for prohibiting the ability of all or non-Christian Europeans from coming to the US following Anders Breivik's massacre of 77 people in Norway.

Thank you, Bernie Sanders, for pushing back against moves to heighten fear and hatred in order to push for greater militarism, reduction of civil liberties, and repressive/anti-democratic "security" measures.


That's our Bernie. Standing up for what he believes is right even if he is among the very few to do so like when he voted against the Iraq war and against the Patriot Act.

You have to admire him as a person and give him credit that he has come so far while holding to progressive views.

His view is a popular stance, of course, among us progressives but as half the nation's governors feel otherwise, it raises fears that the conservative jingoists (governors or otherwise) will seize on the opportunity to make political capital on it.

Bernie should remember sometimes that the truth is irrelevant to psychopaths who feel no compunction to even admit the truth to themselves. They twist words and slime decency and logic without care.

Them we know already and we can only hope that our fellow citizens recognize that Bernie is someone who stands up for the truth.

My fear is that we have grown so used to not believing what politicians say that even when someone tells the truth, we no longer value it for what it is... the truth.


A Coalition to continue the endless Wars is NOT a good idea!
That is precisely what led to this mess - the endless Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen...Drone assassinations across all of those countries and more like Somalia..
I admire Bernie's courage to stand up for the refugees from our endless Wars for Oil.
But more of the same in the age of Peak Oil and Climate Change will just lead to more disaster.
There should be NO arms sales to the Saudis , Egypt , Israel or anyone else in the Mideast or indeed around the world. Recall that part of ISIS weapons were obtained from those the US gave the Iraqi army which were either actively turned over to ISIS or surrendered...


I will pout about Bernie when he speaks lies for power (such as his words about Israel and Palestine), but lately I'm very happy to see him putting forth the principle of "we should not be in the business of regime change," and pointing out such business has been a big business of the U.S. for a long time. And now unequivocally speaking for embracing refugees and naming demagogic hatred. This is super, and it shows how progressive language in the realm of U.S. foreign policy can excite a lot of U.S. people, too (duh). He still had to throw in a big finger pointing at "Muslim countries not doing their part!" in the latest debate, rather than showing how the most direct impact the U.S. could immediately have on the prospects for growing a lasting world peace would be an immediate beginning to converting the U.S. world-spanning empire into a regular U.S. country among countries of the world, but I'm still very glad to hear him calling out some U.S. invasions, noting the major role of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in creating conditions for further unraveling and the rise of Islamic State, and calling for helping rather than blaming refugees.


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Just a thought. So, Sanders takes a principled position, not really popular at this moment, but one of great moral compass, at odds with many talking-heads, politicians, and war provocateurs. Many who comment here and elsewhere will still find fault with Sanders as not being this enough or that enough. Some will find fault with some aspect of his candidacy and history not currently in the spotlight, who label themselves the "real left" or "real progressive" or "anti-war and MICC", and it seems to me that not supporting Sanders principled stand at this moment empowers the forces of what these people claim they stand against, is tantamount to supporting reactionary forces. When a candidate in the spotlight, with strong media exposure, climbs out on a limb to fight against racism and knee-jerk response for more war, and politicians supporting the forces of evil, NOT supporting the direction (at least) someone like Bernie has courageously taken, is self-defeating, sabotages his and others credibility, and in fact supports by omission what "we" claim to be fighting against and change. Perhaps real change and opposition to the status quo is not what they are really about................just a thought.


Let us give credit to the people of France who are NOT turning on the Moslems in its midst. And let's remember that neither did America, after 9/ll; Spain after Madrid bombings; The UK after the Underground bombings or Russia after the Theater attacks or the downing of the airliner over the Sinai. Sure, many people in all countries -- white, black, Hispanic, Asian -- hesitate in the aftermaths of these horrifying attacks to be close to Middle Eastern types, but after none of those provocations were there violent counterattacks on innocent Moslem citizens. Those of us who agree with Mr. Sanders and President Obama in this matter, please let's not attempt to demonize those who are scared and those who find "turning the other cheek" difficult. Since there is no simple answer, let us give our fellow citizens the right to be scared and forgiveness when those citizens pronounce words we disagree with.


Yes, the ISIS is a product of the US/Israel that exists to keep the forever wars of global terror expanding and ongoing


Yes, it's nice when only the choir shows up to sing "Alleluia" ain't it - it was the same with O, nice and comfy in Plato's cave ....