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'Standing Force': US Announces More Boots on the Ground In Iraq and Syria



Unless the license is being issued by the Syrian government. American troops have no business in Syria.


Whoopee! - more deaths a-coming down the line. Will the sons and daughters of our intelligent war-mongering leaders be among them?


Ash Carter says 'we are at war.' Really? Did Congress declare war?


My very concern. Why is this not brought out in the article? The only one with any business in Syria is Russia, whom the lawful, duly elected leader Assad, asked for Russia's assistance. The others are criminal rogue states. Topping the list is, of course, the US.


Russia is Syria's ally for over thirty years. Iran is Russia's ally. And now Iraq, since the Bush war empowered the Shias and not the Sunnis, are allies of Russia. Ashton Carter has no business declaring war on or in sovereign nations. The US doing regime change all over the world definitely is not spreading democracy especially when democracy doesn't exist in the US anymore. Need to turn our attention to restoring democracy here and overturn the Citizen's United decision and impeach the Supreme Court five. Need to turn our attention to the survival of the human species and deal with global warming caused by mankind.