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Standing In Our Own Blood


Standing In Our Own Blood

Bravo to actor and activist Jesse Williams, who lit up the BET awards with a searing speech calling out American racism and white culture for "gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit." The baffled response by Fox News - "He seems so upset" - explains just why Williams was also moved to insist, "The burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander."


That speech was extraordinary. Brother Williams missed nothing. He must've been a hell of a history teacher.


bravo to Jesse. would that more "stars" and "celebrities" speak truth daily!


If you can't listen to someone talking about the real impacts of white supremacist ideology without viewing it as a personal attack against you, then you need to take a step back and learn some history.

To acknowledge racism is not to attack white peolpe.

To acknowledge patriarchy is not to attack men.

To acknowledge homophobia is not to attack straights.

If you don't get that, then you are part of the problem.

You don't like the language he used? Well he wasn't talking to you and I'm sure he doesn't care.


To Mr. Williams' detractors: the man is entirely on point. I notice that you haven't the courtesy to take an attitude of learning, as opposed to opposition. Your patriarchal arrogance should embarrass you. Yet it's because you are so arrogant, you don't learn, so you feel no sense of mistake. Like he said, "Sit down." Your perception is not ours. And, for example, if you are Irish or Italian, neither was yours in the early 20th century when you weren't considered truly white. Trump, a.k.a. "Drumpf," a German name, wouldn't have stood a chance running for the Presidency. Kucinich? Forget about it. Then think about it.


Dear Portlandians,
I'll make you a deal. I'll send you a little support for this blog if you apologize for not providing a full un interupted version of Mr Williams speech. I found the truncation of the speech by CBS News to be offensive and obscene. The fact it veered off to tell us about how Justin Timberlake stepped on his dick was just....words fail me.


Who are you and what have you done with the real Matt Heins?

It is becoming more commonplace these days to exempt racism when it applies to whites. It is a variant of the 'You can't be racist if it is against white people' excuse.

I agree that MLK would oppose that kind of thing and all racism. Which is why we still feel the great loss to humanity his murder cost us all. He will forever be one of those people who would have created a different world than the one we have now and while that is often said about a lot of people, MLK was one of the very few about whom it is true.


The fact of the matter is just as the quote I wrote and share with my black friends (I am White): The quote goes like this:

"There are all different colors of niggas in the world".

The "N" word, regardless if ending in gga or gger or who uses it and how, it is one of the main elements that continues to keep us all separated. Regardless of how it is used, its outcome is that it keeps the blacks down, and it keeps us all in a state of separation. As such, it was on the day of the most recent Oscar awards this year that I would create another quote, this one I'd send to our president. It read, "America has realized her strength in diversity professionally, now imagine when America realizes her strength in her diversity personally!". Meaning, that when we all go to work we set aside our differences and as a result produce the best products and services the world has ever seen. You remember, "Made in USA", right? Now imagine when we begin to come together and hang out in our personal time by choice, and what it shall create. :slight_smile: Once the world gets to this point we will be standing at the footsteps of Kingdom Come. That is to say, the Kingdom of Heaven coming to earth. It's just one choice away.