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Standing In Peace For Peace


Standing In Peace For Peace

Midway through a week of inventive, determined actions - from lie-ins to locking onto each other to hanging from bridges - dozens of activists have been arrested protesting a massive London arms fair that brings together the world’s most authoritarian regimes with its biggest arms dealers, an event Amnesty International says offers "torture on your doorstep." As UK planes bomb Yemen, organizers ask, "What will be the next atrocity they are used in?”


those protesters are doing a wonderful job. i applaud them and am very grateful for their hard work. hopefully, what they’re doing gets a lot of publicity everywhere. the arms sellers and the arms buyer should all burn in hell, and the sooner, the better. what pukes.


Morality cannot be legislated, nor will moral people protesting do more than attract the attention of other moral people (in support) or amoral people (in derision). This is the ultimate outcome of centuries of predatory capitalism–it started with developing canons and guns to take over and monopolize trade routes, and culminates in obscenities such as this. We’re heading for a really, really nasty day of reckoning, I hope some kids will survive this mess.


Before WWI the UK was the most savage bloody Empire on the planet.
Now war profits are still really good.