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Standing Rock Sioux to Trump: ‘Creating a Second Flint Does Not Make America Great Again’


Standing Rock Sioux to Trump: ‘Creating a Second Flint Does Not Make America Great Again’

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

No longer just tweeting, President Donald J. Trump has been issuing a stream of executive orders and memoranda since his inauguration. On Tuesday, his pronouncements involved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. Both projects were denied or delayed by the Obama administration, each after massive public protests. Now, with the Trump administration’s actions, buttressed by a servile Congress under Republican control, fossil-fuel megaprojects are getting the green light.


"Creating a SECOND flint" is the understatement of the day. At the rate Trump is going on this and nearly every other issue, by 2020 we will all be Flint.

The common thread apparent in all of Trump's actions and appointees of the past three months is the goal to accelerate the US' downward spiral to third world status.


A second Flint? Did these two authors not see the reports that about 3,000, as I recall, U.S. Census units/designations nationwide, had water which tested as poorly, or worse, than the water in Flint at the height of that crisis? Not to let Snyder and his poisonous, poisoning cronies off the hook, but a "second" Flint?


A lot of the fresh water supply in our country is being threatened. Oil rigs, underground pipelines, factory farm run-off, extreme pesticide use; and we feel we are helpless to do anything about it. How long can this go on before there is NO clean water? And now the trump administration wants to further cut regulation!

We are standing on a precipice. If we don't do something to change/end this system we have, we are DONE! It may already be too late. The cries of the Sioux Nation may be the cries of a dying culture...and we have allowed the final nail in the coffin. But we won't be far behind.

I feel we must do more than march. I am not sure what it is, but it seems that the final chapter is being written--right now! This present system HAS TO GO!!!


Don Benton was totally right to vote down the CRC I-5 bridge 'design' -
Ann Rivers was the other NO vote, give her credit, though her real understanding just how 'poorly designed' any double-deck bridge would be is not as set as Benton's. The first 3 years 2005-08 were mostly single-deck and are indeed near ready to go. Marine Dr Exch first for staging.
Reject 3rd underpass and off ramp to T-stops designs, replace.
Washington congressman Don Benton has the daring to oppose those upper-class business elite who demanded his loyalty to big business party line. Could he somehow be persuaded to NOT make
the same kind of huge mistake?
Headsup or not?


Bobbi Jean Three Legs: " I am afraid they are out to kill".

And what is so egregious is if the North Dakota legislature has its way, it may soon become legal to murder the water protectors, as long as it is unintentional!


Speaking of extreme pesticide use theres the study on "roundup"

And the coal lobbyist trump appointed new acting assistant attorney general in charge of the Department of Justice division that oversees environmental crimes.

It seems pretty clear we will be lucky to survive under the thumb of this nightmare regime - given Democratic Party collusion and complicity with them we don't even have an opposition party unless WE create one!


I agree with your comments, but I hate to put a damper on your suggestion that we create a new party who might oppose the D's and R's. We already have one and it is not supported! It's: THE GREEN PARTY!!! Read their platform!


Well, yes, I vote Green and thought to include them in my "create one" - the enlargement of the Greens is an option, or total reform of Dems, but Greens often seem scattered and lacking in strong leadership - hopefully that will change,but Greens only garnered a pathetic percentage of votes last time out, as usual. The Dems are in collusion and the Greens a weak alternative. The bottom line is a viable radical departure from Dem sellout collusion is needed to counter R'Con extremism.


I would vote for expanding the GREENS. I think the major reason everyone thinks they don't have strong leadership is because the media gives them ZERO coverage! If we had money out of politics and every candidate was rated on their merits, I believe the strong leadership would be there. I was proud of Jill Stein this election for calling for a recount in key states. She got nowhere because of our totally unfair system! The Green party is not a wealthy one. But yes, I agree with you for the most part. We need a radical departure from Dem/Repub collusion. Wonder how long it will take, or if it will happen in time?


Please sign my petition to reroute DAPL from Lake Oahe!


Just wanted to take this space to thank Ms. Goodman and the rest of the Democracy Now team for there on going allways excellent reporting of things that really matter in this crazy world we now find ourselves in, there integrity is a shining ray of hope in these dark and trully perillous times, I wish them all the best in there future endevours and to stay safe out there on the front lines, standing up for the truth.