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Standing Up for Free Speech Is Not a Threat to Free Speech


Standing Up for Free Speech Is Not a Threat to Free Speech

Jim Naureckas

Of all the many disturbing things about Donald Trump, his glorification of political violence may be the worst. Again and again, he has encouraged his followers to respond to peaceful protests with brutal force. The Intercept (3/11/16) had a good compilation of Trump’s encouragement of attacks against those who dare to speak out against him:


Donald (Berzelius Windrip wannabe) Trump, we know the drill.


I wonder where the chorus is to remind us that Trump really isn’t so bad and it’s all a smear by the Corporate Media.


In the “good old days” the candidate stood at the mic, saw where his hecklers were, and mustered his wit against theirs.

That’s free speech. And the essence of a thriving democracy.

Anybody can talk to their admirers. Not everyone can respond to their opponents.


Premeditated embrace of violence & racism by contemptible showman-charlatan Donald Trump to “rouse” supporters, has bred its predictable consequences. Trumps MO is likened to George Wallace’s 1968 prez bid, but that was another time. Sociopath Trump is morally, emotionally, & intellectually unfit to hold any elected office, much less Prez!



I wouldn’t give A warm cup of piss for either one of them!


compare the “Not me, US” mantra of Bernie to Trump’s embrace of violence or Hillary’s “I made a mistake” to justify her disastrous love of war [not only her wrongheaded vote for the Iraq War, but the pile of destruction she wrought as SofState:Haiti,Honduras,Libya, Ukraine]. It’s a no-brainer, don’tchathink? FEEL THE BERN!
Our country has been subjected to so much injustice: the IraqWar, the bailouts, lousy but expensive healthcare, the youth debt,the racism,the lies in the media–we so deserve TheGoodNews of Bernie Sanders. Thank God for Bernie; thank God for the thousands of BernieSupporters who are making the political revolution;ThankGod our time has come. Don’t miss out–join in supporting Bernie so you can celebrate TheNewDayThatIsDawning.

OAT, also go to www.citizensagainstplutocracy.org to “take the pledge,” SHOULD IT BE NECESSARY if corrupt DWSchultz & corrupt Dems try to steal the nomination. That’s the only purpose of the pledge-to give Bernie leverage @ the Convention if dirty tricks appear. We all know how Schultz rigged the debates, rigged the superdelegates; she will do whatever disgusting evil she can think of to promote her LOUSY CANDIDATE, HawkClinton, who never met a weapons system or a war she didn’t lust after. The pledge was thought up by BERNIE people to make sure the nomination isn’t snatched from under OUR feet. Just do it!


I just “did it”- Done deal!!! Now all I have to do is rustle up A couple of folks to join us, which shouldn’t be all that difficult-