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Standing up to Apple


Standing up to Apple

Robert Reich

For years, Washington lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have attacked big corporations for avoiding taxes by parking their profits overseas. Last week the European Union did something about it.

The European Union’s executive commission ordered Ireland to collect $14.5 billion in back taxes from Apple.

But rather than congratulate Europe for standing up to Apple, official Washington is outraged.


"The IRS could probably do what the EU did" ???

Somebody with Reich's background should know that the IRS Tax Code is written by lobbyists, approved and enabled by Congress which directs the IRS to implement and enforce the Code. The IRS does not create loopholes, it just enforces them per instructions from Congress.

The Congresscritters listed in the article and most Congresscritters not listed get boatloads of "campaign contributions" from Apple and other corporate tax evaders. These critters will do whatever it takes to keep their geese that lay the golden eggs healthy !


Though it's usually shortened to be a bit more pithy, John Dewey had a good quote about just this thing: "As long as politics is the shadow cast on society by big business, the attenuation of the shadow will not change the substance." As with so many things, I think that it's not gov't per se, but what it's doing. The question is only whether or not it can ever be controlled. Many here say no, it can't, and they talk about how everything is "fixed" by...some group. I believe that it can be changed. We're too quick to forget our successes (even though they are few) and too quick to remember our failures.


I simply cannot understand the fuss about Apple. The USA fought a revolution to not pay taxes. Apples is following that fine tradition. No-one in the USA should pay taxes! Honour the sacrifice of your Founding Fathers!


I seem to recall that the slogan was something like "no taxation without representation."


As Apple makes its computers in China, which is not a representative democracy, then of course it shouldn't pay taxes. No taxation without representation!


Indeed. And this system that controls us is human made, it isn't a physical constant like gravity or climate change, it is something that humans have made and that humans can take apart.