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Standing Up to the Armed and Inarticulate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/23/standing-armed-and-inarticulate

Naked Athena is also a stark reminder of why the power of Lysistrata, thousands of years old, still speaks to what has been distorted from our ancient roots.

Uppity Women Unite!


Visceral feelings often induce one’s mind to violence. Emeran Mayer’s (2016) Mind Gut Connection delves into many of the ways that that feelings of ease or ill at ease travel throughout the body. Soldiers and police are trained to respond to orders via emotional bonding to the cause and the chain of command–they are truly the ultimate inarticulate automatons. Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler in War is Racket said he never had a thought of his own until he retired from the military.


This is a Gandhi moment for protest. Do not give the thugs what they want. Absorb all blows and make sure to get it all on video so the public fully understands who are the real thugs here. At first I thought that the governors of the states invaded should call out the national guard to protect the civil rights of the protesters and deny the thugs the violence they want to incite. But Trump’s handlers would then have him federalize the guard units and order them to commit violence themselves. No, the way to deny Trump his violence is to make it crystal clear who is committing it and refuse to participate in it. I remember, vividly, how Nixon used the same strategy against us. Defending ourselves made great propaganda to scare the public into thinking that such violence was coming to their neighborhoods. Nixon won re-election on the backs of thousands of maimed and killed simply by provoking a response to violence that scared people into wanting protection from a seemingly violent mob. The protesters have the much harder job, but, if we can maintain discipline, with a little media savvy we can reveal who the true thugs are and deny Trump what he wants.


I am not a fighter, but I have always been reluctant to back down to a bully.

After reading an article like this, I wonder why these cities don’t use the tools they have at their disposal.

Rather than allowing their citizens to be gassed and beaten and bloodied night after night, why aren’t they calling up their National Guard to form a barrier between the Fascist Footsoldiers and their citizens?

Do the leaders of these cities really think their strongly worded letters and lawsuits matter to a bully into abusing his power?

Bullies only understand one thing, strength.

I faced my first bully in a locker room in the 7th grade. I had had enough of his aggressive behavior towards me.

In front of a packed locker room, I had a momentary release of pent up hostility that once it was over, my bully never again got near me. And we both were in the same school for more than two more years.

I admired the life of Gandhi. His embrace of non-violent protest is indeed inspiring. My first little experience with a bully in the 7th grade, and the eventual lack of my own self-restraint which was not non-violent, but led me as I matured to choose my reactions to aggression more intelligently.


I learned of the ways of Coyote, or Trickster, through Bugs Bunny. A signature Bugs move was to kiss the angry brute he was facing right on the lips, stunning his antagonist long enough get away clean, usually. Crocodile Dundee used the same move to good effect. I don’t see myself doing that exactly but I could see the elegance at age 4. Later I became a fan of Edward Abbey, among other Coyote manifestations.

Be loyal to what you love, be true to the earth, fight your enemies with passion and laughter.

Yes, there are plenty of heroes and heroines everywhere you look. They are not famous people. They are generally obscure and modest people doing useful work, keeping their families together and taking an active part in the health of their communities, opposing what is evil (in one way or another) and defending what is good. Heroes do not want power over others.

  • Edward Abbey