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Standing up To Trump . . . and Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/10/standing-trump-and-biden


Can the insanity of this moment let the white supremacists win? I don’t think so. Love will stare it down. They will be surprised!


We don’t get sh*t with Biden either. Both parties are tools of the oligarchy, and every knowledgeable political activist knows it. The ones on here who troll people like me are just on the payroll for the status quo. The only way any of this changes is if the progressive left can take power away from the establishment of the Democratic Party, and for that to happen, Biden and Harris MUST LOSE this election. Eeking out any kind of win will just allow them to continue to crap all over the left, ignore the needs of the vast majority of our poor working class, and keep doing the bidding of their masters. Any politician or officeholder who takes a dime of their money needs to be defeated, no matter how long it takes. This will be a battle over years, not one or two election seasons, and we will suffer greatly getting there, but it must start, and start NOW. Refuse to vote for them, under any circumstances, do not let them bully or shame you into bending the knee. They are as much of an existential threat to real democracy as Donald Trump, they just have more corporate media on their side. #NeverBiden.


“What must emerge is the Civil Rights Movement 2.0, i.e., the Human Rights Movement.”

You’re right, Bob, but you’re also not thinking big enough. Humans are not a separate entity from the rest of Life on this planet…


Your forgetting one thing Robert, the people have no direct power with their politicians, full stop. Our only power to achieve anything politically, is to stop the flow of profits to the politician’s owners. A general strike, that stops everything from moving in this country, especially money.


Four more days of Trump are too much – we cannot have leaders or any public representatives who deny the science behind climate change (or pandemics). Civil war is the worst kind of war. It is not a solution for anything.


Sure hope so!!

I am not a fan of biden, obama, clintons and that is all BS. With el trump democracy will die, with biden we will have four years to get more power for progressives. Of course, west coast is on fire and hurricanes and tornadoes and
disastrous rain storm in midwest/south and east might wipe us out in next four years.

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Exactly! America is an Empire, indeed, it IS THE Empire. The wars are all in support of that as are the corporations making the bombs, bullets and other paraphernalia. Recall, Musk Tweeted: “We’ll coup whoever we want”, referring to Bolivia and his lust for the high altitude lithium on the salt lake flats.

One thing that is sad about #45, even though he didn’t mean it the way I shall put forth. The soldiers in the USA military, both men and women are “indeed suckers & losers”. They’re suckers 'cause they fell for the export of freedom and democracy when Amerika doesn’t have those. They’re also suckers 'cause when they go abroad they are not defending the USA, but, invading other sovereign nations at the behest of the corporate deep state; The Swamp!.

They’re losers 'cause they return scarred, without limbs, all sorts of organ damage, in flag-draped caskets and have PTSD, or commit suicide based on the atrocities their commanders insist upon, such as Abu Hgrib.


Bingo! That is the ONLY thing that will make a difference Of course, that will make it hell on everyone, especially us little people, but until we do something to disrupt the cash flow of the f#cking billionaires and corporatist pigs, nothing will change.

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