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Standing With Ahmed and All Children of Color


Standing With Ahmed and All Children of Color

Sonali Kolhatkar

Fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed became an overnight sensation Monday when he was arrested at his high school in Irving, Texas, for making a clock that his teacher and several police officers thought was a “hoax bomb.”


The "fear sells" crowd has really polluted our country. The Israelification of our police force has not helped, either. Bullying a fourteen-year old adolescent reflects a shame back onto a society gazing into the mirror. Yes, it reflects on us all, until we as a society can figure out how to replace paranoia with promise.


When Clocks are Outlawed,
Only Outlaws will have Clocks.


What are you talking about? You seem confused just like the uninformed and confused cops and the confused teachers-- seriously " a movie bomb". My god does anyone get training?

Your "utopia" (seriously science and reason??? lol!!-what is our society based on now?) is a long way off. You and Stephen Colbert " I don't see colour" How about living in the real U.S. world?

It is very clear that the poor kid was harassed because he was non-white and Muslim. Have you just woken up from a coma? From the racist mayors "sharia law" fear mongering comments, your fearful (oh those scary blacks) news media, constant anti-muslim comments (don't build that mosque here!). How about dealing with reality??


I looked up a photo of the clock, and at first glance it does resemble the typical "ticking time bomb" digital clock seen so frequently in popular TV and movie entertainment.

If it were not for such shows as "24", if it were not for the many examples of false witness against Muslims (blame for Sept. 11 being the worst), it's very likely that there would have been no outrage, no arrest, no handcuffs for Ahmed.

However, Americans have been programmed so well by television, movies, and the countless lies of government, media, and televangelists, to name a few, that to many people, a home-made clock looks more like a bomb than it looks like a clock.

People often see not what is, but what they expect to see, or what they are told they are seeing. This holds true even if it goes against the evidence of the senses. Consider the collapses of the Twin Towers and WTC 7. These were obviously explosive events, as can be verified by anyone, anytime, today-- that is, if anyone chooses to look at the videos made that day.

But few do; the majority is satisfied with the convenient, but false, official story. Despite the obvious explosive nature of those events, Americans were told that these collapses were caused by fire. This explanation was impossible, but was repeated over and over and over again, and anyone who disagreed with it was ostracized or shunned to some degree.

Read "The Emperor's New Clothes" by Hans Christian Anderson for a fairy-tale example of this all-too-real phenomenon.

Americans have been trained to accept the word of "experts" and "authorities" as long as they appear on television- no other credentials are needed.

There is nothing in the photo of Ahmed's clock which could be misinterpreted as explosives. But the people who panicked over it had been programmed (as we all have been) to see it in a certain way, rather than see it for what it is.

The fact that a hugely disproportionate amount of the popular entertainment in the United States revolves around weapons, bombs, murder, war, torture, and other brutalities is, of course, a whole other subject.


We might say "US-Israelification," since Israel's militarism could not exist as it does without U.S. funding and support. I'm reading Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood, by Ibtisam Barakat. This memoir is beautifully, artfully, very sensitively written, and it is inspiring me to see further the depth and breadth of the humanity of the Palestinians (and to see further the terrible soul drudgery of occupation that the Israeli soldier is reduced to), and to share this with others, and be able to guess better at the full humanity of others, too, who can seem so "other," such as the fleeing Syrians.


We as a country own our police forces . They are not the creation of bad foreigners . They began as fugitive slave patrols and have maintained that orientation ever since . American soldiers returning from our occupation of the Philippines (1898-99) joined police departments in record numbers and brought back torture and 'third-degree tactics' to be used domestically . Now they're bringing back the same techniques used to subjugate insurgent populations in Iraq and Afghanistan to use on the serfs back home . They have a long and evil history as brutal strikebreakers and enforcers in company towns,too.
Philadelphia , Chicago , LAPD ,NYPD - all are bywords for some of the most corrupt and depraved law enforcement the western world has ever known . They've been infamous for the whole of the 20th century and continue to be in this century .