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Standing With Angela: Because Freedom Is A Constant Struggle


Standing With Angela: Because Freedom Is A Constant Struggle

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute has come under righteous fire after caving to Zionist pressure and rescinding a decision to give its highest award to activist, academic, black icon, native daughter and BDS supporter Angela Davis, who's spent decades fighting for the civil rights they supposedly represent. Supporters of Davis, who sparked the ire of the pro-Israel lobby, had one message for suddenly craven institute members: Palestinian rights are human rights.


Angela Davis. Now here is where the word “hero” really belongs. This woman is one of the truly large heros of our age.
Either we are all in this together or we are not.
This also has me re-assessing my views of Alicia Garza and Black Lives Matter. I was all for BLM until one day when I was responding to some commentor saying, “Hey,ALL lives matter.” The commentor was dog whistling and I was about to call him on it when I realized that while this particular person was using the “All lives matter” as a dog whistle, that in fact “all lives matter” is the basis for why the lives of any group matter.
While we don’t have “Black Civil Rights” we do have “Civil Rights” and when you hear “Civil Rights” ask yourself whether you think of the black heros or whether you think of white people. I know who I think of and I don’t need a limited-scope label.
I used to think Garza was just a bit young, unhistoric and shooting too much from the hip and non-strategic in thinking so I gave her leeway but reading this article about Angela Davis’s award being rescinded and reading of Davis’s reaction I give my kudos to Davis, as I have for decades.
Also for those Jewish voices in her favor (as noted in the story) who called out the action. Jews, I grew up believing, were voices for civil rights because they themselves had been so persecuted for so long. It was some time before I came to realize that Israel itself was a denial of “never again” - a denial of the lessons of the holocaust. The same for AIPAC, JDL and others who scream “anti-semitism” as a cover for persecuting others (Palestinians) who had never persecuted Jews and who certainly were not responsible for that holocaust but who keep paying for it still (While the targeted (Jewish, LGBT, Roma, etc) part that is usually all we get to focus on using the word “holocaust” - far more people died in that conflagration across the globe than the number of Jews alone, which is not to minimize that cost).
So, to repeat, either we are all in this or we are not. If we need a leader, look to Angela Davis.


it is a shame that we stand by and offer no aid to Gaza, and watch as Israel shoots fish in a barrel. should be a lesson we have already learned in this day of wanting to erect a wall just for one mans ego. trump knows nothing of respect except for his fawning of dictators. the american people need to start taking to the streets.


It really is pathetic, isn’t it? He’s reported to have admitted to Sen. Schumer, behind closed doors, that he’s adamant about the wall because to back down now would “make (him) look foolish.” But after such career highlights as: failing to dislodge Vera Coking from her home to expand his casino’s parking lot; demanding the death penalty for the Central Park Five, then moving on without apology when they were found innocent; and launching his run for the presidency by championing the “birtherist” cause against Barack Obama—he STILL hasn’t noticed (or, more likely, has refused to admit) that he’s been a public joke for decades.


To earn the enmity of both AIPAC and the rapture crowd is a badge of honor. The life of Angela Davis embodies Eugene Victor Debs’s proclamation:

“While there is a lower class, I am in it; while there is a criminal element, I am of it; while there is one man in prison, I am not free.”



here’s how:


Angela Davis - WE HONOR YOU.


Thanks very much for this link.

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Oh, so right on, Angela!


Ms Davis has been and will always be one of my Primary Heroes.

Oh and By the Way…

Boycott, Divest and Sanction the Apartheid Government of Israel.

And put a Sock in their “Bought and Paid For” Lobbyists who would Undermine the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

And Israel, as long as you are taking notice of the First Amendment you should look at the other provisions such as " preventing the government from making laws which respect an establishment of religion, or prohibit the free exercise of religion."




“To find out who your rulers are, simply find out who you cannot criticize in public.”


My maternal line are Hoosiers! Proud native son!


Trump has said the Israeli Apartheid wall is a model for his. Unsurprisingly Israeli contractors are said to be advising on it’s construction.


Who are owned by lobbyists, who are owned by billionaire families.


I nearly agreed with all of that. It’s just that prison statement. So many of these people destroying the planet and repressing and killing people as well as looting countries, belong in prison.


Kritter is too nice a word


this nation becomes crazier by the minute. Angela Davis has always been a sheroe of mine, and this 84 year old Jewish lesbian feminist activist is proud to call her a shining example of what a mensch looks and acts like. Shame on the community in Birmingham that does not recognize its own, making the orange man who is still defiling the white house proud. ughly.


Krappers? Kreeps? Kretins? All of the above!!!


HI deamdancer: Thank you, that was wonderful. : )