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Standing With ESPN Journalist Against Trump's White Supremacy, #NaziBucketChallenge Goes Viral


Standing With ESPN Journalist Against Trump's White Supremacy, #NaziBucketChallenge Goes Viral

Julia Conley, staff writer

In a display of a solidarity with the black female ESPN sportscaster under attack by the White House for calling out President Donald Trump as a "white supremacist" earlier this week, the hashtag #NaziBucketChallenge was going viral on Friday as people from all walks of life waited to see if they would receive the same kind of harsh treatment for criticizing the president publicly.


keep tweeting asshole, your words always incriminate you. How much longer must we suffer this fool in the White House? enuf already, he disgraces our country daily.


No doubt that Trump is what the tweets above says he is, but what is really scary to me, is so many people voted for a white supremacist!


The more Trump’s white supremacist views are get out there the better. The last election was basically a referendum on white supremacy and the white supremacists won although by sort of a fluke because the electoral college is used to chose who is president rather than the candidate who gets the most votes. ESPN should give this sportscaster a promotion for being so honest. What we need to do is fire Trump. The Republican Party is in such a sad state that impeachment proceedings have not yet begun despite a long list of reasons for impeachment.


He just can’t help himself, can he? The Idiot-in-Chief keeps blundering his way around, never having learned how to just keep his mouth shut. Rather than letting controversy fade, he riles it all up again.

I guess that’s the good news. As Lrx says, the more his hideousness is on parade the better in the long run.


Interesting how the ‘truth’ can get so many folks riled up and defensive, both pro and con, that may merit the firing of a sports caster. I personally don’t care because I know what Trump is and stands for. What might be learned from this whole episode is that nationally televised sportscasters do have to have a modicum of respect for the office of the president even if he’s the most vile despicable racist to hold the office. I’m sure, given our country’s history there have been many vile racists presidents. Say what you will online and perhaps Facebook but be careful on national TV, there have been several sportscasters that have been axed for off color comments. Howard Cosell comes to mind; “look at that monkey run”.


Please inform yourself. Hill did not make her comment on national television. She commented on twitter. You know, the same place you can learn about 3 million illegals voting in California.


His presidential and primary campaigns were grounded in racism. Often ignored here.


Face it, we disgraced ourselves.


Why did everyone stop with Donald Trump is a white supremacist? There’s a lot of other things we can add to that. Sssshhheeeeeessshhhh!
Donald Trump is a __________ ( fill in your declarations/suggestions here ).
Hey, it’s a casual Friday kind of fun thing to do. And besides, it’s only offensive to other shit-eating white supremacists like AG Jeff Sessions, for example. Right?


ESPN’s “politics” are the same as its corporate parent, but His Travesty has never been loath to piss on his fellow profiteers when piqued, has he?

And I would #StandWithJemele

But as difficult as it might be for her, she needs to take a stand, and stay there, as well.


Trump — an obvious white supremacist.


There is no more reason th respect this president than the first one.


Definitely ignored here by many. But for most here everything comes down to economic class. That is where Bernie Sanders is at. I think that view really misses what it is most about and that is racism. And beyond that the racism is grounded in religion. That is really at the core of this right wing movement. Check this stuff out from the SPLC to see what I mean. They call this “Hate in God’s Name,” It’s points how the religious basis of the KKK and also many neo-Nazis and as the name indicates Christian Identity. An particularly of concern is Dominionism exemplieid by none other than Ted Cruz, the runner-up in the Republican primary. Bernie isn’t leading on this stuff and he rarely talks about. Say what you about Hillary Clinton she was much more on top of this than Bernie. I would be concerned that the Democrats are being pushed toward economic-based politics and away from concerns about racism and religious extremism which are so central to the main struggle going on in the US.



Read Counterpunch article by Paul Street about Mr. Coates’ piece for the Atlantic. 09/15/17. It dispels your arguments for Hillary and against Sen. Sanders. You need a newer song and dance routine for the Clintonista Orchestra(tion). Just sayin’.
The Neos are toast!


Well, I’m an old retiarded geezer who can’t be fired, but Tweetle-Dumb could try to take my Medicare and Social Security away.   IMHO, he is not only a white supremacist, he’s a sociopathic narcissist and an embarrassment and danger to the entire country – whether or not most of Krooked Hilliary’s “deporables” realize it yet.

BTW, I’ve believed for a long time that Only TWITS Twitter.  Though he’s apparently brain-dead and clearly lacks a functioning heart, Tweetle-Dumb is living proof (sort of) that my feelings are justified.

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And let’s not forget, if Hillary was prez and had these exact same allegations and controversies swirling around her, and congress was still in the R’s control, articles of impeachment would have been drawn up long ago. (DISCLAIMER: I am no lover of Clinton, but let’s be real)


They don’t know that he is a white supremacist. What seems obvious to nearly all commondreams readers is not clear to a majority of Americans. Take some solace in that if he were an open white supremacist, he would have no chance of being elected.


How can a sportscaster have respect for the president if the president himself has no respect for himself? He habitually acts like a lowdown street fighter. He denigrates the office of the president and has made the US the laughing stock of the world. You’ll see it clearly if you travel.This guy makes Bush W. look like Einstein. Just listen to his speeches (or better still his unhinged NYT interview). Tell me what he speaks is English! So, I’m in total support of the newscaster. ESPN is reprimanding the wrong person. A shame.


I’m waiting for some reporter to ask What’s her face when she’s going to demand that her boss be fired for insulting people on twitter. The insults that he’s twitted are whole orders of magnitude worse than anything that Ms. Hill said.

Another thing is that insults range between two poles, true and false. Ms. Hill’s insult has the honor of being true as long as you believe in the validity of evidence whereas most of drumpf’s insults have been false ranging from mostly false to pants on fire, four Pinocchio’s false.