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Standing WIth Haiti, Head of Prominent NGO Walks Out of Trump's Davos Speech

Standing WIth Haiti, Head of Prominent NGO Walks Out of Trump's Davos Speech

Jon Queally, staff writer

The head of highly respected non-governmental organization focused on relief work in Haiti walked out in protest on Friday during President Donald Trump's speech to the World Economic in Davos, Switzerland.

Dr. Sasha Kramer, co-founder and executive director of the group SOIL, which works on improving sustainable household sanitation and ecological waste treatment in Haiti, said her protest was in direct opposition to the dangerous rhetoric and racist policies of the Trump administration towards the people of that country.



The Oligarchy link between Trump and Clinton. The shared predatory practices that they shrug off with stunning frequency. So, the consequences, doing what REAL consequences do, are aggregating and the hijacking of democracy - which the oligarchy NEVER intended to actually function according to its best lights.

The demos - or better the socius are awakening to this phase of debunked rhetoric slathered on by the likes corporate owned politicians and emerging is the proposal of


Props to Dr. Sasha Kramer!

Every person who does not walk out on Trump is a coward. Going to be in a room with Trump? Don’t be a coward - stand up, walk out, and set the right example.


Bravo Dr. Kramer!


It is saddening to see how many are NOT walking out on Trump, or protesting in any other way.

Complicity is disgusting. You would think after the egregious examples in the 20th century - Nazi Germany, Italy’s Mussolini, Franco in Spain, Pinochet in Chile, not to mention others such as Idi Amin, Pol Pot, etc, and all the countries and leaders who stood by those disgusting individuals - or refused to stand AGAINST them - that more would not wish to be on the wrong side of history today. But as they say, humans never learn, and history just keeps repeating itself…




I will add my sincere BRAVA! to Dr Kramer, along with the others expressed here, for her highly principled action, walking out on the odious ginger chimp at Davos - that pathological liar and malignant mental pustule…as well as my denunciation of the complicit silence of the cowards and co-conspirators who did not express themselves.


You forgot the Saudis

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I will take this pause/space to try decipher your name, I generally love it and your wit–just curious.

A pleasure WiseOwl, thank you for your kind words, and all your work …and wisdom…contributing here.

“Emphyrio” is the title and a character from one of my favorite authors, Jack Vance…now passed…an homage to him and a reference to revolution and fighting against oppression. Emphyrio is “the story of a young man who overturns the foundations of his world.” Vance always included a very thoughtful political aspect/basis to many of his stories and writing. “one of the greatest science fiction and fantasy writers of the 20th century”

Jack Vance won every award in Sci-Fi, and also wrote mystery novels during his long career, including the Hugo and Nebula. His ability to spin a great yarn and use language that builds a very rich visual tapestry is legendary. I have been reading his works since the early "60’s.

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I’m sending a donation to SOIL right now.