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Standing With Labor, Farmers, and Climate Groups on Trump Trade Deal, Sanders Vows to Vote Against NAFTA 2.0

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/16/standing-labor-farmers-and-climate-groups-trump-trade-deal-sanders-vows-vote-against

Throw down the gauntlet Bernie. It’s time to take a stand for the people.

Let’s see who’s coming with him.


Bernie should mention that NAFTA2 was supported and passed by Pelosi and pals…otherwise he would not be opposing a bill sent by DEMOCRATS.

Beware of the evangelical farmers.
Perhaps a small gesture of: “I will work to ensure we have the least number of abortions as we possibly can without making them illegal.” Might not be enough to get their vote but worth the effort putting it out there.

It is absolutely legit to call USMCA NAFTA2.0.
The differences between them are minimal.
Yet the “McResistance” Democrats fell in line behind Trump again.
Is it just me, or are we seeing a pattern here?

Step 1. One leader going in the right direction.
Step 2. Getting enough others to follow.

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They are merely representing their constituents which vote for them consistently whether they vote with the Republicans or not.

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Not the ones in swing districts. They’re just Demublicans.