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#StandWithTeachers: Wave of Red State Protests Against Low Salaries and School Funding Comes to Kentucky


#StandWithTeachers: Wave of Red State Protests Against Low Salaries and School Funding Comes to Kentucky

Julia Conley, staff writer

Teachers across Kentucky on Friday became the latest educators to walk out of their classrooms, denouncing a bill that passed in the state Senate on Thursday which proposes reduced pension benefits for state employees.


Go teachers. Don’t forget, engage the public and explain you’re hardships to them and they will support you.
Stay together, stay strong, and GOOD LUCK.


May this catch on in all other sectors of the working class! That this is occurring in the red states is very hopeful.


It’s really not “absurd” – it’s simply corporate-fascism/Capitalism at work.

And it’s suicidal for Nature and the Planet - but also for public education.


We are in the late stages of becoming a truly fascist government. We are in the finale stages of capitalism; and, the early stages leading to revolution. Corporate owned government = fascism. Capitalism cannot exist forever in a world of finite resources, infinite population growth with ever more demand for those finite resources which is what allows capitalism to exist. Revolution occurs when enough people realize the extent of income inequality and how they are being surpressed with a feeling that government is failing them.


Unlike the callous Rethuglicans and shifty, lying and equally-owned Dims, the Green Party stands with teachers, quality public education, and TRUE reform that gives equal funding, not based on the unfair, and burdensome to average families, property tax system. We realize that it should be the function of public education to enlighten young people as to the true nature of the human condition, our place in the world, and what a truly functioning society should be, not to turn out unthinking human robots to do the bidding of the capitalist class.


Put the problems at the fee of teaparty governor Matt Bevin and his ilk.

Good for the teachers working for all public employees in Kentucky. Public employees have accepted lesser wages for years with the promise (and conttact) for a decent retirement. And the KY repubs want to yank that away. Good for the teachers for taking action.