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Starbucks' Race Together: May I Have A Latte and An Explanation for Why Your People Continue to Plunder My Country?


Starbucks' Race Together: May I Have A Latte and An Explanation for Why Your People Continue to Plunder My Country?

Mixing healthy shots of hubris, cluelessness and no-doubt good intentions, Starbucks has announced a new initiative to address racism by having servers write "Race Together " on your $5 cup of privilege while sharing a Race Relations 101 seminar on the need for compassion, which is more than the idea has gotten. Twitter went predictably berserk with new drink ideas - Malcom Xpresso, Latte from Birmingham Jail - and withering putdowns: "I don't have time to explain 400 years of oppression to you and still catch my train."


Great t-shirt. Nothing is so anathema to the public airwaves than an angry black man, or woman for that matter, unless it is on the continuing stream of cops and robbers drech. Of course white people have enslaved, lynched, burned, and oppressed blacks for centuries, but why do they have to be so angry about it? Now they’ve gone and put me off my latte and scones.

Now Hiring: Coffee servers with PhD in crisis counseling. Salary competitive to adjunct professor position.


All any enterprise can do is make sure that it is not promoting - consciously or unconsciously - hateful messages in its advertising and fulfillment.

It’s not Starbucks’ place to be our conscience but it should also avoid appealing to our fears.

Of course, none of this affects me personally. I don’t patronize Starbucks.



“Damn, I “would” order me a Malcolm Xpresso if it were for sale though. “If” on the cup they put the man’s picture and a short bio on what he stood for.”

And a buck from every sale goes to #Blacklivesmatter organizers for grassroots economic organizing.

Nah, i still won’t patronize Starbucks.


This campaign to end racism by an over paid Starbuck’s executive is nothing short of delusional! What makes this schmuck think that an over-worked, hurried and harried barista is going to want (no, have!) to talk to me about something they may know nothing about??
Where I live?..the Starbucks are in upscale, I-can-afford-to-pay-$5.00-for-a-coffee areas with very little racial diversity, let alone informed, articulate, thought-provoking people who I would consider discussing such a complicated and delicate subject such as racism with???
Bottom line…? Just give me my coffee and leave the discussions on racism and the implications it has to people who know what they’re talking about!.. Combining racism and baristas is like combining coffee and oil. It just doesn’t work!