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Start With Red Corporate Faces On the Golf Course


Start With Red Corporate Faces On the Golf Course

Ralph Nader

Should you ever find yourself in the unique situation of being out on a golf course alongside some big time CEOs of major corporations, here's a fun experiment to try. It's very simple -- just ask the CEOs for their opinion on welfare. Many CEOs -- who typically make thousands of dollars an hour -- might spout the old "stand on your own two feet instead of relying on government assistance" rhetoric. Should that be the case, you should point out that there are hundreds of programs in existence that directly or indirectly provide billions of dollars of taxpayer money to corporations.


Thanks for the link but how do you leave Goldman Sachs out of the list of banks bailed out from the mortgage crisis? It was GS cronies in the Treasury Department who spearheaded the bailout.

When I was a teenager growing up in south Florida, I earned money caddying at a local golf course on weekends. The players were almost always well-to-do businessmen. In spite of their financial success, most of these folks had the emotional maturity of adolescents. I quit after one jerk missed a putt and then threw his club into a nearby pond. He expected me to go in after it.



Six of the 50 largest recipients of
federal loans, loan guarantees and bailout assistance
are also on that state/local list: Boeing, Ford Motor,
General Electric, General Motors, Goldman Sachs
and JPMorgan Chase.

85.Goldman Sachs – $121,660,000

SINCE 2000
6. Goldman Sachs – $911,764,800,000

And each of these obscene amounts are separate from every other obscene amount of money they have received! If this is an example of Lloyd Blankfein doing “God’s work” then I sure as hell never want to worship that god!


We could all do “god’s work” if we were getting the boatloads of taxpayer funded corporate welfare and corporate friendly legislation that the banksters enjoy.


We could all do “God’s work” of caring for our families if we did not have to pay all those taxes to fund corporate welfare. Our money could go for public programs to care for the people and protect our environment. Our infrastructure could be repaired and good education for all could be free.

If we could limit the money going to those corporations maybe they would not have enough money to buy our government. Imagine!! We could have a government which heeds the voice of the people over the demands of the corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.


I’d say it’s past time to do a little ‘Godly’ smiting of these welfare queens – starting with telling them they’ve been on the government dole long enough, if they have such intelligence concerning how to make money then they should be able to do it all on their own!


The subsidies mentioned pale in comparison to those provided by the planet, the poor, and (what remains of) the middle class in the form of uncompensated externalities.


The prophet George Carlin spoke on this issue here;

My parents lived in Palm Springs during the early 70s and I used to take a Greyhound Bus down on weekends. A couple times I took the aerial tramway up the mountain to check out the view. Looking out from high above all one could see was desert sprinkled with the blue jewels of swimming pools, and the green interruptions of more than a dozen – maybe as many as two dozen – golf courses. Huge quantities of water to make these relaxation for rich people niceties in the dry parched expanse of desert. It stuck me then as wastefully insane. I still think so.


Thank you for posting this – it is truly intelligent and hilarious! Can you imagine how nice those golf courses would look with a few ‘tiny houses’ spread all over – not in nice, neat, orderly rows like most housing areas, but one or two by a lake on the course, and more around the various trees you always find on a friggin’ golf course. Put a couple of adirondack chairs under the tree next to the house and a bbq grill and you’d have heaven on earth! And since the grass is already there the service that mows for the golf course could just continue to mow it for the homeowners! This has serious potential, and I bet many of the homeless would consider themselves very lucky to have a life like this.