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Starvation and Cholera in Yemen


Starvation and Cholera in Yemen

Adil E. Shamoo

War is taking Yemen back to the dark ages, with U.S. assistance.

A destroyed school in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen (Julien Harneis via Wikimedia Commons)


Thank you, Prof. Shamoo, for a thorough overview of the disaster that is Yemen at present, and our U.S. government active support for Saudi Arabia’s onslaught in Yemen, that has killed, emiserated or sickened what is left of civilian society. And shame on our media for not covering our government’s part in this ongoing horror. Why are we always on the side of the oppressor? I suggest Common Dreams readers send this piece to their Senators’ offices, and ask that they read and respond. Until children stop being killed and sickened in Yemen, there should be no U.S. refueling, financial aid, or arms selling to the Saudis.


MSB hardly has to drag Israel and the US into a conflict with Iran.

They’re both eager for a war. Israel, because Hezbollah is Shiite, like Iran. The US, because bombing things is good for our economy.

When this war starts, be prepared for Russia, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and possibly China to join in. Also, be prepared for Trump and Netanyahu to go nuclear.


Do casualties of “proxy” wars constitute “collateral” damage? I wretch at the Orwellian narrative used to described such matters and wonder if the US “national interests” are being served to where should I place my allegiance? To the rag of the…


That is a good question!


The United States is the oppressor.


No matter what the beef between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, It doesn’t merit the slow death that the Saudis are inflicting on the Yemenis. And the United States has no business being involved. With increased oil production in America, we do not have to suck up to the Saudis and ignore their human rights violations. Their women are the most repressed on the planet, and their war on Yemen deliberately targets civilians and the resources upon which they depend. And they couldn’t do it without our arms, and our political support. Donald Trump didn’t initiate our involvement, but it doesn’t look as if he intends to end it any time. Why would he want to stop Muslims from killing off each other?


The USA should demand that Saudi Arabia must not use weapons we have funded in this awful war. We need to do the same financial blockade until the fighting ends and there is at least a negotiated cessation. The US should not be funding anyone in this pointless war. Do we even understand what Saudi Arabia’s objectives are? Fighting people you don’t like is pure naked aggression which should be stopped by all peaceful nations.