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Starving Yemeni Children, Bloated US Weaponsmakers

Starving Yemeni Children, Bloated US Weaponsmakers

Medea Benjamin

While the world is transfixed on the epic tragedy unfolding in Syria, another tragedy—a hidden one—has been consuming the children of Yemen. Battered by the twin evils of war and hunger, every ten minutes a child in Yemen is now dying from malnutrition, diarrhea and respiratory-tract infections. A new UNICEF report shows over 400,000 Yemeni children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. Without immediate medical attention, these children will die.


This nightmare of billions and billions of $$$$$$$ in U.S. weapons sales to enrich the American, military, industrial war profiteers for bogus wars, has to stop! But since we now have the most corruptible President and war mongers in Con/gress and even though Medea means right, not much hope of ending these endless wars.

The only solution that I can come up with, is fund these war profiteers their billions of $ in arms sales with the caveat: AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT USED!

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The Government of the United States of America is fully aware of what their actions lead to in Yemen.

They KNOW as example that they block humanitarian aid to the Yemenis. They KNOW that those Saudi Bombs slaughter children. They KNOW this yet continue with the same policies which can lead to only one conclusion. Like Albright before they think it all worth it.

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Medea Benjamin is a voice of conscience - speaking truth in a wilderness of self-interest, exploitation, usury, and greed, often by victimizing others, our Mother Earth, millions of victims of war crimes and for-profit wars. We need her voice to be heard and spread widely!

Our political class ignores the horrors to focus on fluff and pomp, business as usual, collusion and complicity, often for personal gain - their failures are crimes against humanity.

The hundreds of thousands of children starved, maimed, killed, or made slaves are crimes of unspeakable proportions, and what our so-called “leaders” are concerned with is devoid of empathy or actions to stop them - so very far removed or complicit to the atrocities!

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What was it the USA ambassador to the United Nations was asking the Russians and Syrians just two days ago about feeling remorse or shame over the deaths of children and civilians in Aleppo? Wasn’t “hypocrite” a bad thing to be just a few decades ago?

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It is beyond unconscionable that the Welfare Queens&Kings of US weapons manufacturers -Lockheed,Raytheon,GE,Westinghouse,GeneralDynamics, et.al.,keep racking up obscene profits while the most vulnerable of all our brothers&sisters around the wordl suffer, starve, and die. Meanwhile, sociopathic Rethuglicans bellow about the mite that the poor in the US subsist on. It is long past time for the consciousness of this country & the world turn from making despicable war on each other & instead praise peace. Thank Goddess/GreatSpirit for Medea Benjamin/CODEPINK et.al. for holding up these truths to the light of day.
I do what i can to reduce my federal tax burden because I do NOT want to support the UnitedStatesofWarAlltheTime.

The big question of this day and any day is "When will the US live ;up to the promise of its documents?
Tomorrow I will be @ my State Capitol in peacefrul protest against the vulgar sociopathic narcissistic unintelligent Trump–to say that Electors must choose another person to be President. Trump is a vulgarian personified. Nothing in the world’s halting steps toward equality&prosperity&peace will be well-served by this miserable excuse for a human being–capable of reason? Ha!