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State AGs Vow to Be "First Line of Defense" to Block Trump's Constitutional Violations

State AGs Vow to Be "First Line of Defense" to Block Trump's Constitutional Violations

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As members of vulnerable communities and their allies gear up for threats the upcoming Donald Trump administration and Republican-controlled Congress could unleash, the top legal officers in at least five states are also preparing, announcing they are ready to be "the first line of defense" to block any constitutional violations.


Welcome to the “Greater of two Evils”

Here is the scary part (if you are not already scared). Its just a matter of time before another terrorist attack by radicalized muslims, probably simular to the San Bernadino shootings.

When it happens, you know the right wing will be having an orgasm because they will have the excuse needed to implement much more of their fascist agenda, ala Hitler and the Reichstag fire.

ISIS would also have an orgasm (they are feeling pretty good now due to the election). They want a world where there is no compromise or co-habitation between Islam & Christianity. And Trump is the answer to their jihadist prayers.

Wow! This one really…just…amazes me for the sheer scale of its hypocrisy. Right off I’d like to add to the Headline "State AGs Vow to be ‘First Line Of Defense’ to block Trumps Constitutional Violations….Because They’ve Been Doing Such A Great Job Blocking Current Constitutional Violations!". Once again…wow. Oxowowmom! We now live in a literal Police-Surveillance state. We have basically lost the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Amendments. We have federal judges telling us that we ‘have to’ do business with people regardless of religious beliefs, we have, in California most egregiously, the New Left doing to gun owners, exactly the same thing the New Right is doing to Reproductive freedom…‘Regulating Us Out Of Our Rights’, we have college campuses now enacting actual ‘policies’ that in the most literal sense ‘prohibit’ freedom of expression, we have the overt and irrefutable militarization of Police (which ought to be placed in ellipsis from now on e.g. “Police” as they are “Police"in name only) we have Torture…oh…sorry…‘Enhanced Interrogation’, we have Death Squads…oh…sorry…“Extrajudicial Killing”…these same “AGs” even now condone (or do nothing which is worse) and even utilize the keystone for all totalitarian regimes; 'Disappearances”…oh…again…my bad…meant to say “Renditions”. And where have these oh-so-rightous “AGs” been until now? Where? What are they ‘doing’ about the literal shredding of the Bill Of Rights? The Destruction of Civil Liberties, Civil Rights, and even Human Rights? Where are they? This is Farce. This is Rabid, Savage…farce! This is the exact sort of dissembling by the ‘state’ that is so much of the ‘problem’. They are lying. Period. They have done…nothing. They will continue to do…nothing. I’m sorry, but this entire article and its staggering falseness makes me ill.

What?? You don’t feel “protected”?? They said they would “have your back” (or hide behind it) if Trump’s Thugs come banging your head against a wall, or if the thugs’ dogs bite a bunch of holes in your flesh. Long after your blood has all leaked out your case will come up before the Extreme Court, who will make the thugs apologize for having crushed your skull and filled you with bullet holes. Then your corpse will be OK again. We have the AGs’ word on it.

Until we have a system of JUSTICE, where those in positions of governmental power serve hard time for violating citizens’ rights, I agree, it’s all a cruel hoax and pack of lies. How are they going to UNmace the Water Protectors at Standing Rock if and when the Court finally rules that those in power overstepped? How do they get the dogs to UNbite their victims? How do they restore the peoples’ hearing that was damaged by their sound weapon?