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'State by State,' Obama Pushes Against Solitary Confinement



Barbarians, we are. This isn't the way to treat humans or animals. But it's so American.


August 10, 2015
By a nearly unanimous vote, the American Psychological Association’s Council of Representatives voted Friday to adopt a new policy barring psychologists from participating in national security interrogations.

The resolution also puts the APA on the side of international law by barring psychologists from working at Guantánamo, CIA black sites and other settings deemed illegal under the Geneva Conventions or the U.N. Convention Against Torture. (Democracy Now)

When this is the current state of our Medical Practitioners in 2015 we are sorely behind the curve.

In Point of Fact, the US is the worst perpetrator of failed incarceration, and we train everyone else in the torturous methods we employ.

God grant us the Justice we so richly Deserve.