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State Department Officials Accuse Tillerson of Violating Anti-Child Soldiers Law


State Department Officials Accuse Tillerson of Violating Anti-Child Soldiers Law

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Secretary of State's decision to exclude Iraq, Afghanistan, and Myanmar from a list of nations using child soldiers has also been widely condemned by human rights groups


Remember, T-Rex has spent the bulk of his tawdry career adhering to the “bottom line,” closely monitoring expenses…especially labor costs while steering the Exxon Mobil ship of greed and environmental desecration. He knows NOTHING about international relations, diplomacy, or foreign policy and like his favorite despot, he is of the opinion that he already “knows it all.” Thus, child soldiers are no concern of his or DJT’s…in their evil minds, at least these kids have “jobs.”

Sick, Sick,Sick.


He will erode US credibility…what credibility? There are not many foreign nations who feel that anything the US does now has any credibility whatsoever. This is just another bow and scrape at the feet of the MIC, from whose trough so many politicians derive their financial nourishment.


The situation for children in Afghanistan is bleak with manipulation from both sides. The Afghan army recruits 16 year old boys. The other side traffics and kidnaps all ages. To say it doesn’t happen is beyond indecent.


This is an area I haven’t given much consideration to. I’m aware that in Africa children are used to carry out attacks for tribal warlords and rebels in civil wars,(quite the term, civil) and I’m sure in other places also. I didn’t know the US had the habit of looking the other way if it served their interests. Tillerson probably doesn’t care, after all he ran the most destructive corporation for years and withheld vital information their chemists knew about for years about global warming. Then he hired academic whores, degreed people to put their stamp on disinformation and spread rumors to enact “controversy” on global warming. Shows where his priorities lie. The US is now a corporate state with full complicity of the government and people have been neutered from all meaningful discourse or input to help their lives. These sociopaths could care less about all the lives they destroy all in the name of almighty profit.


You are right as usual. They…simply…don’t…give…a…damn!


A large percentage of the US soldiers in Vietnam were teenagers who had been recruited at the age of 17. After six months of ‘training’ we turned 18 and were shipped to the other side of the world. Something like 30 percent of the enlisted ‘soldiers’ with their names on the wall in DC were 19 or younger when they died. (the higher age quoted on the internet is due to mixing in officers, generally college graduates, into the mix, however most of the actual infantry soldiers and medics were teenagers and were recruited out of high school).