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State Department to Withhold Clinton Emails Labeled 'Top Secret'


State Department to Withhold Clinton Emails Labeled 'Top Secret'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Obama administration will withhold 22 emails from Hillary Clinton's unsecured home server because they are classified as "top secret," the State Department said Friday.

"These emails will be denied in full, meaning they will not be produced online on our FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] website," State Department spokesperson John Kirby said in a statement to press.

Associated Press writes:


Well, how convenient, the snowstorm covered the top secret emails - until after the first primaries are done. Who can believe such BS?


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The e-mails will be released on February 29th: releasing everything except some redacted material on leap year, eh? That's odd even for Washington, D.C., btw. Was Debbie Wasserman-Schultz the consigliere ( counselor ) for the Obama Adm. on this, by chance? So, will this become a possible Clinton Adm. tradition?


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Well maybe we will see Joe Biden enter the race after all. I have a feeling he is back having conversations about a run once again.


They are trying to salvage her run for the Democratic nomination for President. They want to delay past the first few caucuses.

The weight of evidence against her might be too large and this akin to the Dutch boy with his finger in the dike


What the hell does a snow storm have to do with releasing the Emails? Can't anyone do anything anymore in an honest way. Hillary's supporters are as dishonest as Hillary. Everyone in the world with a half a brain knows that the delay of the release is to help out Hillary, so that she can win the Democratic Primary. Vote for Bernie Sanders.


"I sent, I saw, I lied." --HRC on Servergate


HRC will stall any exposure of these e-mails as long as she can. They must be very incriminating, to say the least, because of the fact that she is going to so much trouble to cover them up. What can be so top secret and a threat to US national security?

Maybe HRC figures she can stall these incriminating e-mails until 2017 when she becomes POTUS and is able to pardon herself!


Talking about HRC's e-mails Bloomberg host Mark Halperin:
" Again, the timing of it could be, if not cataclysmic, pretty bad if Bernie is still alive."

Does Mark Halperin know something?


The question I have. If they are so top secret these 22 emails. Then why were they on an unsecured server? And only emails in 4 years that were exchanged to the Whitehouse
from Hillary. I find that hard to believe.


As you ignore the fact that they may not have been classified at the time she sent them. You seem to think this was something unique..it's not.


Not to mention the ridiculousness of saying "I didn't want to have to carry two phones...", as if the modern phone can't get access to two email addresses... What horse dookey.