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State Dept Accused of Watering Down Human Rights Ratings to Advance Obama Trade Agenda



"Phil Robertson, deputy director of the Asia Division for Human Rights Watch, told Huffington Post. "What you are seeing is significant damage to the credibility of that report because of these political games played back in Washington.""

That any journalist or NGO would retain ANY sense of "credibility" for official pronouncements from official Washington speaks to some of the ways "The Big Lie" propaganda is able to work:

It is stressful to walk around with our "Liar!" filter on permanent high alert; It feels disheartening to constantly remind oneself that the words one is hearing are almost certainly duplicitous.

But it is important to be honest and reality-based! "Official reports" at this stage of empire should be assumed to have "significant damage to their credibility" unless proven otherwise.


"In an era of universal deceit, anybody telling the truth is considered a radical"- George Orwell