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State Dept. Memo Warning Employees Against Leaking Is Immediately Leaked


State Dept. Memo Warning Employees Against Leaking Is Immediately Leaked

Jon Queally, staff writer

The leaks just keep on coming.

While President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed frustration over the unsanctioned release of internal documents and information, the Washington Post reported Friday morning on the existence of a State Department memo specifically warning agency employees against unauthorized leaks.

How did the paper know about the memo? Because it was leaked, of course.


Straight out of Terry Gilliam's (1985) movie Brazil, life imitates art.


It's reassuring to see that there's at least one 'sane' individual working in this 'crazy as a loon' administration.


The deep state does not like it one little bit that Trump wants to soften relations with Russia, because it gets in their way of world domination. These leaks are not vendettas by career politicians at State; instead it's the deep state working here to discredit Trump at every turn. (Not that he needs their help.)

Interesting analysis by Mike Whitney:

The fact is it's time for the US to put our own house in order. Once that's accomplished, Putin will be much less of a threat, particularly if the US gets back to the business of perfecting democracy and a more perfect union, rather than overt fascism and world domination under the guise of spreading democracy.


Good catch! The message is triply timely in that Gilliam and the crew made this just as it was becoming clear that the Brazilian people intended to vomit up the military dictatorship so coddled by the deep state in the US. It was no small affirmation of the genius and love of the broad spectrum of perspectives that had had enough of a degenerate network of power-grabbers claiming they knew what they were doing.
Two years later the Constitutional Assembly included, for the first time in Brazilian history, Indigenous Peoples who had been building alliances and proving to be multifaceted geniuses. Not only did they overcome the rabid genocide (various branches having overtly stated that there WOULD BE NO INDIANS BY the year 2000), but inspired an entire generation of academics as cross-educated peoples and white allies pushed through Article 231 and other provisions on the rights of Indians.

Some day somewhere, someone will translate the Figueredo Report, generated during the dictatorship and thought to be lost forever, only one copy of which was found in the basement of the Museo do Indo, which documents some of the crimes against indigenous peoples during the " years of lead". The ultimate " externalized costs" of mother earth, human cultures and lives without which predatory capitalism cannot survive.

"We don't make mistakes"

Its hard to imagine just how invigorating and inspirational it is when these are actually grasped... because it happens so rarely on TV


I heard the Low Life Leakers are playing at Coachella.


Obama couldn't stop leaks. Neither will Trump. With an administration that holds absurd press press briefings and press conferences leaks are largely what we now depend on to find out what the executive branch is doing as Trump, Bannon, and gang try to set up a fascist state within the US..


Better to have leaks than to have to swallow the yellow stream flowing from the WH and its poo peddlers.


Leak baby, leak.