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State Lawmakers Urge Rejection of Militaristic, Conflict-Ridden Nominees


State Lawmakers Urge Rejection of Militaristic, Conflict-Ridden Nominees

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A coalition of progressive state lawmakers from around the country on Monday sent a letter to Sens. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), demanding the U.S. Senate only confirm cabinet nominees "who have an established record of respecting the importance of diplomacy and other tools of statecraft over the unnecessary use of force, respecting civil liberties, placing American interests over personal interests, and upholding our sacred tradition of a civilian-led government."


Trump's nominees are a reflection of his beliefs; despicable does as despicable is. Don't expect to find a diamond in the dung and don't think we can keep any of them from being appointed.


We can't. However, it does not mean we have to be like then including bigoted, mean, discriminatory, hateful, elitist etc.


Absolutely. It actually means we need to fight back all the more.


How will you fight? Do not forget your local communities.


Don't count on a politician to do your fighting. They are not statesmen or women- they just want the votes - otherwise they do not care!


Phone, email and demonstrations.
My local community is a liberal oasis in a desert of conservative ignorance. Idaho-the white trash empowerment state.


Glad this is sent to both political parties. In some ways the DNC is even more of a warmonger than Trump and the GOP especially when it comes to Russia and Putin. Enough with the endless regime changes and war with more and more refugees all over the world mostly due to USA military wars. MSM unbalanced coverage of events continues calling Trump a puppet to Putin but not a word of how Netanyahu and Israel badmouth Obama and Kerry and prefer Trump as something that is foreign influence to USA politics.