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State Legislatures Attacking Community Wealth Building


State Legislatures Attacking Community Wealth Building

Ted Howard, John Duda


This article is good information for us to watch for in our local elections. The goal of course is to drain money away from the people and cities and states so that they are powerless to fight the corporate coup that's taking place.
The TPP and the other trade deals represent a push for the final take over of our land and economy. If this treasonous deal is approved we may, eventually, not have any say in anything pertaining to our well being. We have little real effect now.


What's wrong with Qatar's free market labor practices? /s


Another ridiculous and terribly damaging Third Way type thing.

Honestly makes me so mad i'm better off just signing off.


Civic government is indeed not appreciated by many state governments. Possibly repairing the roads and sewers that ring some of the state legislatures will help to remind the state governments that civic governments perform some important functions. Occasionally this will involve cutting electric and gas lines and telephone lines. Because of budget cuts the fiscally responsible civic governments might get behind schedule with these repairs and upgrades as they have other priorities to attend to.


Howard and Duda close with this:
"As advocates for inclusive economies where local resources are used wisely and strategically to create and expand opportunities for local communities, we should oppose such counterproductive restrictions on local autonomy, whether at the state or international level."

Yes, indeed, we "should oppose" such blatant anti-democratic programs of global rule by transnational capital.

But - i kind of hate to say this - we must dismantle transnational capital as a social, economic, and political force.

As phrased in the Mondragon Cooperative Principles, we must enforce "the instrumental and subordinate nature of capital."

Capital must be rendered powerless; subordinate to human, social, and ecological imperatives; purely instrumental, simply a tool, in serving the needs of humans, society, and the Earth.


A powerful tool that the elites use for control is the ability of corporations to own other corporations. This enables the elites to leverage their wealth and power considerably. If we can successfully challenge the idea of it being OK for corporations to own other corporations, and then take from them that right then we can return Capitalism to a more human scale. Capitalism without pyramided corporate control over other corporations can be regulated, and we would be able to again require that they serve some useful purpose in order to continue in existence, emphasizing that existing solely to make money is not a useful purpose.

To my mind one key to reigning in the elites who control the corporate pyramids is to take away their ability to pyramid corporations. If a corporations is a legal human then it must solely represent in its actions and purpose the flesh and blood humans who have shares in the corporation. It must not own any other human, whether legal or flesh and blood human, and it must not be owned in whole or part by other corporations. Not being owned is part of being human.

Ending corporate pyramiding will not render them powerless, but it will reduce greatly their power to a level where rogue corporations can be terminated and where corporations can be regulated and largely be useful tools serving the needs of humans, society and the Earth.


But corporations are not people. Corporations have personhood rights or constitutional rights intended for people, thanks to the Supreme Court. First they use their first amendment rights to participate in elections. Then other amendments come into play:

  • 4th Amendment Search and Seizure rights. Corporations have used these rights to avoid subpoenas for unlawful trade and price fixing, and to prevent citizens, communities and regulatory agencies from stopping corporate pollution and other assaults on people or the commons.

  • 5th Amendment Takings, Double Jeopardy and Due Process corporate rights. Corporations must be compensated for property value lost (e.g. future profits) when regulations are established to protect homeowners or communities. Corporations cannot be retried after a judgment of acquittal in court. The granting of property to a corporation by a public official cannot be unilaterally revoked by a subsequent public official or Act of Congress.

  • 14th Amendment Due Process and Equal Protection corporate rights. These rights, originally enacted to free slaves from oppression, were gradually extended to corporations by the courts. Corporations have used these rights to build chain stores and erect cell towers against the will of communities; oppose tax and other public policies favoring local businesses over multinational corporations; and resist democratic efforts to prevent corporate mergers and revoke corporate charters through citizen initiatives.

States have passed laws prohibiting local living wage ordinances, the banning of activities harmful to health (like fracking), and as this article suggests community wealth building. I don't have a problem with a corporation owning another corporation. I have a problem with corporations owning constitutional rights, and using them to enslave We the People. Sign the petition.


The republicans are nothing but blatant aSSholes....And then Obama gets on the TPP train and trys to sell us a bill of goods,....NO THANKS Obama ..Has the president turned into a GOP asshole ?...We have Democrats in Washington who are selling us out.....They got to go...all republicans have to go....GET off your butts get an ID and vote or else you will suffer the consequences....All these Trump fans think Trump loves them hahahahah...really...Bernie is the man .....VOTE BERNIE Sanders....


I sorta disagree. Government is the way a society is ordered and inculturated. It can work or fail depending on who has the power to make decisions.

I believe US citizens should give authentic participatory democracy a try before writing it off. I agree that society and culture have to make a transition to a changing political and environmental climate, and that very often, in fact most often, solutions are found and implemented at the local or grassroots level.

That said, it takes government to implement solutions on a larger scale, and also to force the cultural change across the spectrum. Government recognized the equality of black men and women long before the most part of society did (although there is still much work to be done on that front). Participatory democracy works from the bottom up, and would not (should not) necessarily follow the same processes in play now. We can learn a lot about participatory democracy from the indigenous peoples movements, the World Social Forum, and the political organizing in recent years in some South American countries.