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State-Mandated Malpractice? Doctors Fight Anti-Choice Law That 'Would Force Them to Lie'


State-Mandated Malpractice? Doctors Fight Anti-Choice Law That 'Would Force Them to Lie'

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A group of Arizona health care providers launched a fight on Thursday to overturn a recently enacted, controversial bill just passed in the state that would require doctors to lie to their patients by telling them it is possible to reverse a medical abortion.


Or they can take a moral stand and refuse to obey the law and not give out this absurd information to any patient.


Most of the groups that are against women’s reproductive rights are religious groups. Their logic is based on myth,superstition, and hocus-pocus. The problem comes when they want to mandate that all people be as stupid as them selves, and stop making decisions that are based on science, logic, and reality. These groups of religious crackpots are large in numbers and are a danger to a rational society. If you gave them what they wanted they would be burning witches again.


You must be “male” and I use the term loosely. What are you an enabler? There are days I am so glad to be a woman because I have come to realize that I must carry around with me some as of yet unseen force of nature that makes right wing conservatives with tiny little dicks shake in their boots. I accept the burden gladly. I live in hope that someday before this planet is destroyed that women-kind will rise to their rightful place on this earth and save mankind from oblivion.


Remember to look closely at the “Right to Lifers” and their programs.

  • To them, every sperm, every egg is sacred. People must die to see that every fertilized egg is brought to term. Abortion is, to them, a capital crime. They spend huge sums of money on legislation, they have blown up clinics and killed doctors.
  • When that baby is born, no matter what its medical problems are, no matter if an additional mouth to feed will drive a family into poverty, or any of the other reasons that exist, the Right to Lifers have absolutely no interest in the child whatsoever. Once it is born, it is on its own.
  • I am always appalled, but not surprised, at the lack of compassion or understanding these self-righteous citizens have.
  • And this is not the only sphere of interest that has this sort of rigid, uncaring response.
  • Ah well, I guess the pattern fits right into the Reich, doesn’t it.


"Andrew Beck of Reproductive Freedom Project pointed out in a blog post that the legislation is “just one of a profusion of recent bills based on politics, not medicine, which are aimed at preventing women from getting an abortion or shaming and humiliating them if they do. In the first quarter of 2015 alone, more than 330 abortion restrictions were introduced in 43 states.”

Imagine if the patriarchal church got its mind off women’s wombs and instead cultivated this level of passion for the wars abroad and the persons dying here at home for lack of decent homes and health care?

Protecting unborn fetuses is what these legions set their moral compasses by… while all the killing goes on. It is an inverted moral nightmare!


You are correct but your analysis does not go far enough. The myth and superstition form the basis for a church-state merger that has at its core, the control of women–primarily, their sexuality.

If women were to rebel–in full force–against the patriarchal institution of marriage, the whole church-state apparatus would come asunder.

I forget which Black Power leader used the adage that “Woman is Nigger to the man.”

In 3rd world countries where the men feel displaced due to foreign military and corporate powers seizing control, they lord power over women. There is a term for this widespread cultural phenomena and it’s called: Machismo.

So when you frame your argument as homage to science, logic and “reality,” you also make sexism and misogyny invisible… and such a stance works in alliance with the dominant patriarchy to keep women’s rights off the radar.


I don’t think I even mentioned churches in my comment. I was referring primarily to those prim crowds surrounding clinics, frightening women, sometimes bombing clinics and occasionally killing doctors to preserve sacred life.

  • I was referring to those who pass such laws as the stupid and cruel one in the article. Perhaps the end justifies the means?
  • There aren’t any churches doing that, are there?
  • Oh, and by the way, my first sentence was because I remembered the song from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, Every sperm is sacred…
  • Churches do a lot of good in the world and I praise them for it, but I firmly believe that a woman’s body is her own and nobody has the right to tell her she must bear, she must not bear, or any other command that infringes on her right to herself. If that offends you, so be it.


“You guys on the Left have made fornication into a Sacrament, and now you want us to kill the unborn to be sure the Sacrament continues…”

This type of generalization is just as damaging as those that paint all people of faith with a condemnatory brush. Right–left—what about “human being” or; “American citizen.”

I would like to point out to those of you who feel compelled to plant yourself in front of clinics to advise women that they have other options, that what you are doing is offensive, patronizing, and a violation of their constitutional right to free choice and to have their privacy respected. The women who are making those choices are perfectly aware of their options and don’t need self righteous individuals who have no clue what they are going through to come down and pontificate to them. They’re having enough of a hard time without adding to their difficulties, for pity’s sake.


Sex is not just a weekend contact sport and it is not just reserved for marriage. But it is a given that your cultural experience is limited to your own. Don’t try to impose your culture’s beliefs and practices on the rest of humanity. Other humans have other ways of doing things and their ways work just fine for them and it is out of place for you to look down on them as you have been doing and denigrating their ways as sinful. We aren’t interested in how you think we should be living our lives. We are aware of more than you are. There’s more that goes on between men and women than what your narrow minded culture allows you to be aware of and understand. In my belief system, you are the one full of sin. How’s that feel?


Right, sure, you think all life is sacred. And so that’s why all of y’all are vegans? And that’s why none of you ever join the military, dodge the draft, conscientiously object? And that’s why you protest everysingle war that this country gets involved in? Hug trees, protect wildlife reserves? Because all life is sacred? I’ll believe it when I see it. I haven’t yet seen a bunch of pro-lifers stand out in front of the Pentagon and protest killing because all life is sacred… Bunch’a freeking hypocrites you pro-lifers are! HYPOCRITES!


That’s so sad that that’s the only response you have. I win this debate!
Pro-lifers are a bunch of murderous hypocrites!


And you obviously don’t like the truth.
You are a hypocrite too until I see you standing outside the Pentagon protesting against killing! Truth is truth as you stated. And I see that you don’t like who you really are. You are only fooling yourself!!!