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State of Chaos

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/10/state-chaos


The colonizing cabals have ALWAYS existed. Capitalism specializes in bare-assed pirouettes and appealing to the lowest common denominator. It is a model designed by bottom-feeders to suck all value they can find; that perpetually jack off at “manufacturing” while usurping resources of all forms; in the meantime utterly dependent on genocidal premises, as can be confirmed by sheer breadth of carnage that requires a - tada - an entire INDUSTRY (advertising) devoted to slathering communications with linguistic sleights of hand - in the best cases; in the failed state case over 50% of discretionary monies are going into a killing machine. Once again, reference the genocidal legacy. It is fecal waste rolled in sugar (sugar cane epitomizes it).

If you keep working for death during your brief journey on this planet, you will never know what it actually means to be alive.

Bottom feeders go after those who are marginalized - because they need to control the resources needed for life. Those impoverished by this method of consumption, where the individual is not a consumer, but the prey for consumption by an insane system. Usually it can semi-veil its egregious addictions, other times we learn where the models for monsters come from.

Get centered, be in community, be very clear about what you value, live it, and treat others as you yourself wish to be treated.


Awesome article there Tom Engelhardt - covering most of the bases. I’m preferring ecological crisis - chaos in the biosphere if you wish - climate change being just one component.

Natural selection is more complicated than we like I suspect, perhaps more complicated than we can understand rationally.

If offspring numbers were a true gauge of evolutionary success - well - we win - eight billion going to ten, and all the domesticated or self-domesticating animals in out retinue.

That’s going to look pretty naïve I suspect, in a few decades time.


A couple binge-watchings of Mad Men proves how corrupt and amoral capitalism is, and how soul less the culture that allows itself to be exploited by it. The dead eyes, the cynicism, the lack of true education of children by their parents(Go Watch TV is the unending command to all of the children).
Television and advertising are the love children of capitalism and colonialism. Perfect captive audience-a work-weary population who allow their bodies to sag and their minds to stop thinking.
Trump is a child of the first television generation. He was elected by children and their descendents of that same generation. Reality for them is what you’re told it is, whether from a church pulpit or a screen of some device, not what you experience through your senses.
Sad sight today…I watched two teenagers, eyes fixed on their phones, body posture one of slack resignation, walking on the sidewalk on a gorgeous fall day with remnants of the Color. But were they aware of it, or of the heavy traffic around then? Nope. The Walking Dead is no longer just a television program…but it’s a perfect demographic to sell shit to.


NPDs have a genius instinct on what makes their marks tick. No surprise that Trump was also a master at this skill.


This Engelhardt guy really know how to write, I’ll tell ya. Take your time savoring this masterpiece.

If Donald Trump has become something like a god to his supporters, then perhaps it’s worth asking what kind of a god would be quite so intent on setting fire to the planet (and while he was at it murdering his own apprentices with Covid-19)? Perhaps we need to think of him, in fact, as our very own boatman Charon on the river Styx, paddling us all to what someday could quite literally be a hell on Earth.

Note the lack of a “but if we all keep fighting…” inspirational call to action in the conclusion. Eschewing the threadbare happy-ending convention is a mark of the confident veteran, too busy leveling with readers about important matters to consider manipulating anyone. Tom Englehardt has become something like a god to this acolyte, for showing the world how to write honestly, despite it all.


Putin’s genius was also a mistake. Getting back at us for all things past, and running Yeltsin. I think we been payed back. It was not trumps anything that got him there, it was other people correctly identifying what it took to appeal to americans. His mistake was doing it too overtly with an example of a too perfect idiot. It was the idea of others that anericans were correctly read to go for something like this. Not anything that people here have not known for decades. Trump skill was being a one year old me me me. Yes they were all played. Surprise surprise. trump is just what he is. Nothing more. It is too bad, but well known here, that bad behavior gets you further than good.

A great article.
Would more have been accomplished for the puppeteers if a smoother stooge had been installed, yes.


The id of the all but certain end


Hi Sekhmetsdaughter:
YES to everything you said!
But-----that picture accompanying this is the face of a miserable and unhappy gargoyle. And I believe Mark Twain, when he said that,"… every man over 40 is responsible for his own face! "


In 2016, we had an insurgency…and the wrong insurgent won. Nothing was working in the status quo anti if I remember correctly; not the military, not the health professions, not the police, the the education systems, and not the political parties. The R.s had the courage to go with it, the D.s didn’t, then. Maybe by now, they may.


Judging from the results of this election so far the Rs did pretty well too. Still can’t quite wrap my mind around 70 million people approving of their job IN A PANDEMIC! If it weren’t for the Trumplodytes screwing up their response, we’d probably have seen a continuation of the fake economic “miracle” and a Democratic Party rout. And meanwhile - the oceans warm… Tom gets one thing slightly off in his article though, its not just the burning of fossil fuels that is turning up the heat, it’s Big Farming, meat eating, mass consumption, land use, over population, etc. etc. Still, great article.


i suspect, less than a decade’s time.

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Tom sez:

Admittedly, Covid-19 has turned this country into a kind of hell on Earth, having been left to roam in an unprecedented fashion by a killer president. Cases are soaring, hospitals overwhelmed, deaths rising, and almost half of America can’t think about anything but crowding together for presidential rallies, living mask-less lives, and “opening” the economy.

For your regular hell-on-Earth update: With USA’s caseload topping 10 million, its rolling 7-day average of deaths just reached 957 per day, or one of us dying of Covid every 90 seconds.


A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  03/02/2020          53          53
>  18.  05/04/2020   1,171,457   1,171,510
>  27.  07/06/2020   1,761,086   2,932,596
>  36.  09/07/2020   3,354,766   6,287,362
>  45.  11/09/2020   3,749,101  10,036,463

Maybe a month if Trump subverts the election ?

All bets are then off -

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This is looking real bad from where I stand - like on a mountain when hair is standing straight up and your ice axe is sparking your fingers - heavy danger. We jumped into a snow filled couloir and glissaded down a couple hundred meters then, but I don’t see any suitable couloirs around Aleph.

So we just hunker down and hope.

I am working my way very slowly thru Ernest Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”.

Ordinary looking people were fascist-inclined.

Even if by some miracle this transition takes place - those ordinary fascist people will still be there.

The real enemy is the money in government.
“Unless Biden unites the people against the oligarchs who dominate the nation, the people will remain divided against each other.”
G Monbiot

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Ugly, ugly man.

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…and we are worse off now in every way. And just wait until you see exactly HOW MUCH this GRIFTER & FAMILY have been spending, profitting & watch him slink out like the slime he truly is, taking what he pleases as he packs & leaves US with all the bills! Spends our money like it’s nothing to him. It isn’t his bill to pay… & his richer than rich pals made a few million too. Tax cuts for the rich, so they won’t pay it.
Who do you think will??

How are you you old reprobate!!