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'State of Constitutional Crisis' as DOJ Bows to Trump Demand for Probe into Alleged Surveillance of His Campaign


'State of Constitutional Crisis' as DOJ Bows to Trump Demand for Probe into Alleged Surveillance of His Campaign

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Responding to President Donald Trump's demand on Sunday that the Justice Department launch a probe into whether his 2016 campaign was unlawfully surveilled by the FBI for "political purposes"—a claim the president has made repeatedly without offering any evidence—Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein


No doubt that Trump has plenty of dirt on those who should be checking his power. There is a shitstorm (Stormy?) woven throughout the bowels of DC and beyond. So many people need to be taken down and removed from the levers of power. The crisis is not going away, nor should it. It is past time for catharsis. Bring it on.


D.A.G. R.Rosenstein made a referral, as any good A.G. would. This may be looked at and tossed or referred to someone else if there is reason to believe the evidence is clear. Most likely is the round-file beside the desk.

We have been in a Constitutional Crisis since 1/20/2017.


As a starting point, this is the perfect opportunity to depose Trump under oath to see what he really knows about this alleged spying by the FBI.
I would suspect that it is absolutely nothing.
End of investigation.


The entire article was so much bullshit. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. The AG and the DOJ historically act on the Presidents recommendations all the time. The article made this sound like heresy because Trump did it. What a clusterfuck of immense proportions.


I am not sure what the ultimate outcome of any of this might be. But I doubt any of it will lead to any kind of catharsis.


Virtually all of the US government has been corrupted under the neoliberal regime. Let them tear each other apart and we may have just a small chance of returning to government of the People, by the People, and for the People. It’s a long shot but it’s the only shot.


Well, my friend, you and I are in charge of catharsis, like it or not.


How is it that this President gets away with making money for himself, his backers, and family without any repercussions? What happened to the emolument clause? is it going to go away the same as anti trust laws, EPA, FDA, Drug enforcement agency. How is it that every time republicans get control they dismantle government and dems sit with there hands tied? How is it that when Dems get power they become republican light throwing us a few crumbs but keep status quo?

This circular playbook is like being in a lightly boiling pot.


This is not a constitutional crisis. Opposition to this investigation will inevitably appear partisan, and will only strengthen Trump’s support. The smart move here is to have the investigation. It gives Trump a plaything to keep him occupied and distracted. It gives investigators a good reason to interview people in Trump’s campaign. And if they do find any wrongdoing by the FBI or Obama, that’s a good thing–except for all those egg-faced people who were outspoken against the investigation in the first place. But whether they find anything or not, one thing we definitely do not want to shut down is the precedent of a sitting president instigating the investigating of a previous president. That could very well be something we’ll want in the future.


While change is supposed to come from brilliant leadership

Most often it comes from seed change at the grassroots.


It is the Faustian Bargain with a full field of Players as I see it.


MSNBC legal analyst Matthew Miller.
Who the eff is he?
Why should anyone listen to anything coming out of the fake news team at MSNBC?
The fake MSM should go back to reporting the news, not creating it.


All the accusations of partisanship is on the side of Trump. Sure, the FBI may have been surveilling the campaign of a presidential candidate who has historically had mob and criminal connections going back many years. There is nothing illegal about that. Proving a political motivation for this will be impossible - but it will be a great piece of theater that will help along Trumps ambitions to be president-for-life.


There is something illegal about using a fraudulent dossier (as in Steele) to obtain an ok to wiretap Trump at his towers though.
Trump beatup the establishments 16 candidates pretty badly and they are out for revenge.


Trump isn’t establishment???

Go ahead, continue your belief that Trump is a champion of the small guy and is bravely sticking it to the capitalist system!


Trump is an outlier, the middle finger to establisment repubs. He wasn’t suposed to win, just run interference for the clinton creature.
Teapartiers came out in droves, demos stayed home. He won by default.
Trump is for Trump, no one else.
What do you call an ego that feeds itself?


Right, Dan_Harris. Speaking so loosely of “zero evidence”, how about Mueller’s vast amount of evidence of Trump and Putin colluding to defeat Clinton - or is it half-vast? A vacuum is vast - and Muller is stretching his vacuum out to September 1 at a cost so far of at least $3,000,000. I do not like Trump and did not vote for him, but he is right in characterizing the Mueller investigation as a “witch hunt”. Democrats, get over your 2016 Goldilocks loss and fight now where it is needed - for Medicare For All, a $15/hour minimum wage, and against the rapid drift to a new and more devastating World War. After which we would have a vacuum all of us, even venal politicians, can recognize.


We are on the very edge of a president committing treason, supported by screaming fascists with TIKI torches and sycophants from both parties that voted to essentially support the globally illegal act of torcher. This does not end well.


True…because, the DOJ is an executive branch, administrative arm of the President of the United States and the AG and DAG are appointed by the President and serve at the pleasure of the President.

It’s that simple. The DOJ is not an entity unto itself, as some readers here apparently would prefer to believe.