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State of Emergency Declared as Wildfires Create 'Unprecedented Cataclysm' in Washington


State of Emergency Declared as Wildfires Create 'Unprecedented Cataclysm' in Washington

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Three firefighters were killed this week and President Barack Obama on Friday issued an emergency order over wildfires raging through central Washington state.

Emergency workers from Australia and New Zealand have been flown in to help the crews currently fighting blazes in five states, including Washington, California, Montana, Idaho, and Oregon.


Welcome to the precipice of oblivion…all climate change deniers (and their paid corroborating “scientists” and so-called “experts”) need to board the train to hell or, even better, put on their firefighting gear and join the brigades of firemen battling the blazes. Mother Nature has had enough. Humankind needs to immediately change its ways or face the dire consequences. Think of all the wildlife/fauna that are dying from the fires and/or will die in winter without anything to eat. Think of all the rivers, lakes and streams filled with ash and other particulate matter suffocating the fish. Our house of cards is falling.

Note to Nadia Prupis, staff writer: it is the YAKAMA Nation, not Yakima as shown in the article (Yakima is the town).


Thanks, Seatower. But the Twisp area is such an awesome place. So many good times around there. Damn.


Our family has had a rustic cabin (historic landmark - hand hewn split logs built in late 19th C) for close to 50 years…it sits on five wooded acres about 100 feet from the Methow River…the front field is planted for deer and other wildlife (butterflies, bees, rabbits, etc.) The cabin is very basic thus leaving room to enjoy all the beauty surrounding it and having very little environmental or ecological impact. My grandmother and her son (my uncle) bought it to get away from the Seattle rat race. Last we heard was the fire was three miles away as the crow flies. Many memories and the ashes of my grandmother, grandfather, and uncle lay buried there.

Our close neighbor and friend who lives next door (in Twisp) has kept us updated as he did not evacuate as of last night. We can only pray for the best for him and all life threatened by these hellstorm fires.


Imagine 20 more years of this and it will still keep getting hotter and hotter! Imagine 50 more years of this - hotter each and every year. I find it hard to imagine what the world will be like. All I know is that it will not be recognizable as the world I knew. Old folks like me have seen the majestic as something ordinary and familiar and expected at least some of ut would be preserved forever… Vast forests and big animal fauna. Salmon coursing upriver, Cats padding silently through the world. Wolves and c’yotes howling out there beyond the campfire. Now we are nolonger sure. That National Park may have escaped the axe but not global warming.

The young will see pictures and never realize how much we took for granted because it was already gone by the time it was their turn. A cabin in the woods! Your family was lucky. What was omce commonplace and ordinary will become extraordinary and rare at least where a few patches might still exist.

But how can the fairy tale forest of Olympic National Park be saved when it is afire? This years fire. Only this years.

God bless and preserve the fire fighters. May the flames not leap over them and come up behind them.


This is seriously a sign of the last days on this earth. So many wildfires, droughts, pollutions, wars, police brutality, corporations owning the government, etc. People if you haven’t repent for your sins and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior to be able to enter the kingdom of God as well as the new heaven and new earth that he will make. Judgement Day will be coming and Obama and the rest of the politicians and naysayers will have to answer to God when that day comes. They need to go into the wildfires and try to calm it down themselves for continuously hurting this world instead of the firefighters and may God bless these firefighters for what they are doing. Still, have faith that Jesus will save us from this world as it is finished and may God bless you all.


What a crock! You seem to ignore the misery that has been happening elsewhere in the world. Famine and suffering, millions in refugee camps, 5 million dead in the Congo for example. If it happens in America oh the world is going to end huh? Hypocrite. You speak of Jesus but you literally take no notice of the rest of humanity but act as if America has trouble then it’s the end?

If you believed in Jesus then fight those who serve mammon. Resist the dying of the world. Believe in God’s love and not a god of punishment like some ancient pagan whose deity required blood sacrifice.The end of days is to be fought against. The dying of the world is satanic. The misery that humanity will suffer from global warming is caused by greed (mammon).

There is terrible misery in the world already. Repent that we permit it to happen for that is our sin. Jesus warned us about greed and greed will destroy God’s beautiful bountiful gift to humanity but it won’t be the end of days because man does this. Man caused this. Don’t blame God for what we choose to do.

However bad it gets for our children and grandchildren it is because WE made it that way… and we and they will have to live in it. Our ruining the bounty. It isn’t God’s fault. It is our greed and stupidity.

Mammon is served and global warming (and the drought etc) is the result.


First off, of course I believe in God thats why I made this comment to spread his word and his love. Second, did you not take the time to read what I said, or is it that you want to continue to live in this sinful world because you aren’t feeling the effects of others who are living in misery in this world. Third, of course I understand the misery thats been happening else where in the world with Greece, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti, and much more. But these things are intensifying everywhere and you can’t ignore it to see that we are in the last days and if you’ll read the bible and revelations then you will understand. Fourth, I’m the hypocrite, but I’m doing what God told me to do and trying to spread the word about him and telling you to repent for your sins and have faith in Jesus and what are you telling me, that it’s because of greed and humanity this is happening and it won’t be the end of days. Face it, you’re afraid of what’s to come and it’s happening right in front of your eyes and your denying it, and I’m telling not to be afraid. Because I heard about the New World Order and martial law and World War 3 and what do you think that means. Regardless I’m praying for everyone who is suffering in this world and God can save me, you and others when all of those events occur. Still, no hostility just have faith and God bless.


“Pray, God, Jesus, Big Skygawd, Lord”, etc. I’ve never seen so many right-wing religious wackos coming out of the woodwork at CD in my life!

You religious morons caused this disaster, by believing that a fictitious deity oversees the affairs of Man, instead of learning Earth Science, Ecology, and Anthropology and understanding that overpopulation guarantees habitat destruction and extinction of lifeforms who don’t control their numbers.

Now we’ve got a certifiable Easter Island situation in our backyard and you religious drones are putting up big stone statues to a non-existent Skygawd thinking that’s going to help your situation. Psssst: There is no heaven or hell or afterlife except this one. You’ve transformed this green planet into a living hell with your babies and your private automobiles and those wooden houses you all live in, and now it’s too late.

Religion: the last refuge of the scoundrel.


I doubt if there are 50 or even 20 before the number of “unprecedented cataclysms” overwhelms the ability humans have to make even the slightest response, and as the number of locations where people have to “live like a refugee” expand and combine and the realization will dawn that there is no “help on the way” because there will no place untainted by ecological collapse from which help could come.

And humanity cannot “change its ways” on its own, one reformed polluting consumer at a time – maybe it could go down that way if there are 20 to 50 years left. I’ll never know. If only there were leaders who had a specific believable plan for a changeover that could be explained and implemented and give people a way to feel as if they can be something other than ballast being cast off a rapidly sinking ship.


Fingers crossed. Wishing you luck.It’s obvious you love the place. It sounds beautiful.


Idiot. Now you’ve gone and angered the Sky God. If he punishes us more it will be your fault. We’re going to need to make a sacrifice to make up for what you’ve done. Are you happy now?


No coincidence this is happening in Washington state, home of the Devil worshipping cult of Microsoft. God has had one blue screen of death too many.


Holy High Priest Scepter!

Is there some reason you are all looking at me when you say “human sacrifice?”

I have a feeling I’m going to need an unexpected total eclipse to get out of this one!

“Behold Crude Savages! I have darkened the Sky! I am the chosen one! Now bow down to the skygawd with your eyes closed and I will make the sun reappear!” (just as soon as I run like hell very far away from this ceremonial alter chopping block!)


This is not a sign of the last days on earth. It is a sign that we are moving from one Age to another Age. The Picean Age of individualism is being replaced by the Age of Aquarius, the age of people working together. Any shift produces lots and lots of strife.

As far as sins are concerned, people have to learn what they did wrong, like abusing the earth instead of working with it. Some learn, some don’t. The one’s who do not learn are not going to eternal hell. They get a chance to try again in a next incarnation. The idea that we are only here for one short moment and then go to either heaven or hell for eternity is ridiculous.

Yes, there is a God, a creative principle, Allah, the Chief above etc. which gave us free will to learn and thereby evolve. This does not happen in one life alone.


First off friend, please excuse my lack of tolerance and plain old grumpiness. I’m old and get that way at the end of my day and should have gone to bed instead of responding to your post when it came in. Looking at the fools who claim to be progressive but excuse their biases as if because they don’t like a group etc.it is okay to be intolerant, I realize that they answer with the same prejudiced dismissal that biased people on the right use for those who are on the left. I consider myself smart enough to see the person rather than the group or othrer classification. I can only say that I was upset after hearing of the deaths of the three fire fighters and should have responded to you the next morning instead of when I was in such a mood. So if you would permit me, I would like to respond to your post anew.

I have read the bible and have studied religion. I have been a past member of Clergy and Laity Concerned, have studied Peace and Social Justice and non violence under the tutelage of a Benedictine Monk and Priest, have been asked by two different abbots to become part of their monasteries and take orders, marched with heart warming Quakers and delighted by the humor of faith and mindfulness of Tibetan monks and have been criticized for not being as peaceful as I thought I was back in the days by monks who knew better. Those were the days long ago and I’ve learned much since then. With all due respect, henry, I also believe and have faith… but what you and I believe, what those who scoff don’t believe, what those who believe and those who scoff both agree upon or disagree upon and all the rest is all part of the world.

I rediscovered a deeper faith while arguing with fundamentalists who told people that faith in God meant that they had to believe in some political issue. You know the list. It struck me that they were being manipulated by the Pastors of Politics even to the point where they claimed having faith meant believing in war. These pastors of politics knew all the words from the bible which they used as weapons to beat down any who questioned what they were doing. Moreover these pastors of politics took their manipulation of the bible into many other everyday issues too. For example, they’d insist that helping the poor meant giving tax cuts to the rich in the trickle down con game. I call these the Pastors of Profits. Everywhere I looked I saw faith being used to manipulate and browbeat etc. I kept hearing these charlatans quoting the bible and wondered… did it really say what they claimed? Being a christian, I knew that Jesus had taught us many things that seemed to go agaiinst what these Pastors of Politics and Pastors of Profits were saying. I tried to say ‘Feed the hungry and clothe the naked’ but they could outquote me without even trying. They had memorized all the quotes that they were using.

So I decided to rearm my debate quoting skills and ‘encounterd’ a red letter bible where the words that Jesus spoke are in red and everything else is regular black print. I was going to give tit for tat and quote for quote! Meanwhile I reread His words and very quickly realized that there were many things that Jesus said that people NEVER hear quoted or discussed much. I had my “I didn’t know that He said that!” moment. I tried to understand His words as if I were listening to Him say them to me back in those days. If I heard someone say these things what would they mean. I lost the blindfold on my faith and had eyes to see and ears to hear for myself.

It is from that experience that I found my way to a deeper faith. A faith where science is just facts not some other religion. In fact science (the truth after all - all creation is praising God and science just shows us how much we should praise him for) helped me come to faith. Some people demand a blind faith but I think Jesus wanted us to really have faith - an open eyed faith - not merely a fearful blind obedience based on not understanding and just simply obeying what some other men tell us how we should have faith (by agreeing with them of course).

It is from that red letter teaching that I spoke. I listened to Jesus’s words not those who said they know what is the truth. You and many love to quote John of Patmos who wrote down his dream and says it is his dreams but not that he was a witness to Jesus at the time lived. He wrote more than a century after Jesus died and specifically says he was writing about dreams he had. From studying religion it is easy to see that Revelation is Gnostic in part. Why is it that a book from the second century is so important today? Ask those Pastors who glorify the end of days as if they were a good thing. Ask those who say that God is a god of punishment and we need punishing.

I read the red letters where He says to us >>> “God is love. Love God and each other.” Where does that urge to punish the world come into play with those words? Where does that castigation of a sinful humanity become total destruction of all the good and decent? You ask me if I want to live in this world and I say yes I do because I see the good not just the bad. It isn’t only about sin like some people constantly say but it is only about love. For God so loved the world… think about that? The destruction of the environment is satanic. Serving mammon is not serving God. Mammon (greed) is destroying the environment not God. Fight for God’s creation if you serve God. Don’t sit back and feel smug that all is lost because then you lose more than realize… you lose which side you are on by that fatalistic complaceny.

It isn’t the end of days (none shall know btw so how is it that so many dare to say that they do know?). If you throw garbage in your back yard and befoul your well then don’t expect God to clean it up for you. You did it…you clean it up or suffer the consequences. Don’t blame God for the choices you chose willingly. We dump our garbage into the environment and we poison the well so to speak and either we do what is necessary to clean things up or we will have to live with the misery we have created. We did it so we should clean it up. I believe that God is rooting for us and wants us to save His bountiful green Earth for future generations. I believe greed (mammon) is destroying it for the future. It isn’t over… it isn’t the end of days… it is the end of God’s bountiful gift (our balanced environment) and the beginning of a future of famine and drought and misery if we choose to let that happen.

God is love

but he isn’t our maid.

Have faith in a loving God

and help Him save all that is good by working through us in the world.

God bless and keep you.


Blaming everyone else is the first refuge of a fool.


20 to 50 years? I doubt I’ll see either unless Ponce De Leon stops by and offers me a drink. I know though that I chose a side and added what I could to the fight while I could. It’ll be for those younger than I to continue the struggle to save the future. I am more hopeful now that that will happen than I have ever been before. The sleeper has awakened! Humanity has become aware of its peril like never before. In that sense the powers that be have lost that particular battle. Despite the compliant media, people all know about global warming these days but more importantly their children know and will never stop knowing about it as they grow up. The deniers have lost the denial battle. That one we’ve won… for the most part anyway. Things will happen faster now, like the protesters who shut down Europe’s biggest coal mine for a day. It made a point that everyone understood. That is how civil rights sit ins at lunch counters worked and how anti-war civil disobedience worked. It makes the point that it isn’t just media moments and a lot of talk. It makes the point of how serious it is that people will risk arrest to oppose it.

I think these fires out west are showing people the truth about global warming. I think water shortages and emptying reservoirs are convincing people that something needs to be done and quickly. Remember back only a few years and look at how deniers were more visible. Maybe Sen Inhofe will continue to throw snowballs on the floor of congress but it is getting harder and harder for him to find any snow and everybody knows it. Times are changing and while old climate warriors may have grown tired and perhaps too fatalistic, the vibrancy of youth is only just coming into their primes. They will not give up because they aren’t so old that the end seems so near. They see five and six decades of their lives ahead and they are getting worried (and for good reason). They will carry on the fight because they have no choice and the important thing is that they know. Like I said that battle about denial we’ve already won.

We fought while things were still great and beautiful. The young will fight as things grow hotter and uglier, with the droughts and famines, civil unrest migrations, dying oceans and lower crop yields along wih increased population… the young have no choice but to keep fighting. We can stop because it isn’t so bad yet. They won’t have that option.

So you can say humanity cannot change its ways but I disagree and remind you that your attitude is based on what you saw in life. Yes humanity didn’t change its ways while things were still relatively great

but the young will change because they’ll live in a world where things are not so great…

and therefore in their world, humanity will have no choice but to change!


What a bunch of religious gibberish! Do we have to put up with your Right-Wing Faux News superstition?


See how you apply bias indescriminately. You pretend to being progressive but you dismiss me and people by the same techniques as do those whom you claim to oppose. To you all religious people are fundamentalists and as you claim right wingers. Nevertheless you’ve read my comments for months and know full well that I am no right winger yet you write me off as part of >>>“one of them” (fill in the blank). I am no fundie either, thank you very much. So be warned, I don’t fit into your little box.

No one asked you to participate in an exchange of comments between henry and myself. They weren’t posted to the community but individually but you choose to do so anyway which is fine but you only spout drivel. Its boring to read and at best is only ego tripping for you but little more than that. Who cares about how you feel about our personal beliefs. See that is the thing. You are pretty much a busy body who can’t mind your own business. You just wanted to tell us that you don’t like what we believe…lol. I’d be embarrassed to be someone like you. You think you are so important I guess, TJ feels this and TJ feels that. Lol…um yeah, I’ll alert the media, as the line went. You added not even criticism but only the standard insulting rudeness which is no substitute for reasoned argument. I don’t wish to engage in religious debate but if you intend to persist I will answer you because you are little more than rude and fairly dumb about it too. You need to try harder! Being insulting is a kid’s schoolyard game.

But if you think that the average simplistic debate about religion will work with me have a go of it. Lol. But no whining! Okay? No more whining TJ… you tend to do that and enough with the kid’s stuff. Let’s see what you’ve got to debate with besides the run of the mill ordinary? Anything? If not then mind your own business because you really are boring. The comment was between henry and myself.

This one is between you and me.