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State Party Officials Reportedly Displeased with Clinton-DNC 'Laundering' Scheme



Lrx to the white courtesy phone...Lrx to the white courtesy phone.... Time to "correct the record."


Why is it that Clinton's campaigns always have financial troubles?


When someone wants to be president this much question their motives.


Clinton: "One for you, one for me. Two for you, two for me. Three for..."

Down-ticket-Dems: "Wait a minute. You're taking back everything you 'gave' us."

Clinton: "Yes, but Sanders isn't giving you anything!"


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A dual scepter presidency. We don't launder, little people launder.


Just as Clinton loots state party coffers - ie the people's resources - for her own ego, campaign and profit, so too will she and her crime syndicate bosses loot America to enrich her corporate/banker/wall Street/MICC masters


cookies: Exactly..and we're supposed to bite the bullet and "vote" for this piece of S....???
I don't think so....how is this great lover of peace, humanity, etc., etc. (yeah right) command so much fear that you DARE not deign to criticize her for fear of punishment of some sort, therefore you have to be
"anonymous"....we're back to that again? LIke with the Bush "administration"? critics wishing to be "anonymous"?
Come November, if I'm still around, I am writing in Bernie Sanders...NEVER voting for this future
P.OTUSPOS....if you know what I mean...
I also dare not look straight at her picture for fear of being turned into stone...(Guess I'm a SEXIST!!!!)
i remember when I was a volunteer for GORE's campaign for President in 2000 in NYC....I was astonished how party troops at the campaign office were OBSESSED with getting out the vote for SICKERY..for Senator of NY..Gore was almost an afterthought...this is the greed and ruthless ambitition of this POS--obviously the marching orders in the party was to get her in office!!!!...I was really taken aback by it actually, as I really could care less about her but was there for Gore, for what it turned out to be worth.


It is [past] time for Sanders' followers to flood the DNC with the message "it's Bernie or bust." The hoped for result?


Just another indication of how corrupt this sociopath is.


because she gets so little for her Wall Street speeches. See link from another story on CD today



I think we need to step up, raise our voices, protest in mass to get Hillary to release her Goldman Sachs speeches. Its almost as if people are forgetting about this MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE.


How to you spell sleaze?



Or Wikileaks, or NSA whistleblowers? Its your country too!


Notice how the members of our glorious free press that Obama was gushing over the other night continue to ask Senator Sanders the same questions time after time. He has taken to reminding each and every one before he answers that they already know the answer. In Secretary Clinton's case, her first response on the speaking fees was 9/11. She supported them after the attacks and that was why they so valued her golden words. Then she said that she didn't know if she was going to run for president at the time she gave the speeches in 2013-2014. That answer did not pass the smell test so it was immediately replaced by the childish "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" line. If Johnny jumped off a cliff, does that mean you would too? The mainstream corporate-controlled media should get off their collective duffs and ask her that question again and again.


I must have missed something here. Isn't it actually illegal for people to donate over the legally established max? What the Victory Fund is being accused of is essentially that. These shenanigans deserve more than a slap on the wrist and a request to cease and desist.

What this does seem to represent is a clever Sanders campaign effort to sway superdelegates. And I say, more power to them!


Time for a new party folks. the dems left us all a long time ago. Bernie's data needs to be saved and installed in a new organization. I am done with the dems and no I do not think the Green Party is anywhere near enuf right now. They have been around and as I see it, helped accomplish very little. Perhaps if they had started at the local level from day one, the party would mean something now. The journey is just beginning. Are you in for the long haul? GO BERNIE GO!


""If Secretary Clinton can't raise the funds needed to run in a competitive primary without resorting to launderinga, how will she compete against Donald Trump in a general election?""

That is the question the DNC should be giving very careful consideration to. All the evidence is pointing to the fact that she cannot compete against Trump.

That doesn't mean she will not be president because it is also clear that election fraud, voter suppression, and voter disenfranchisement are not barriers for the DNC or the Clintons.


One need only look at Clinton's corrupt behavior to understand why Trump continues to rise in the polls. HRC and the democrats are on a collision course to lose it all in November. Ironically, it was Trump today who talked about raising tariffs to protect AMERICAN jobs. Now, ponder who that blue collar stiff is going to support in November? Trump is a whole lot smarter than everyone thinks.