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'State-Sponsored Torture': Ohio Grants Temporary Reprieve After Botched Execution


'State-Sponsored Torture': Ohio Grants Temporary Reprieve After Botched Execution

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Human rights advocates censured the state for making "a spectacle of a man's life," declaring "the cruel and unusual practice of lethal injection must end"


Jesus H Christ What have We Come Too


Well stated.


Extrajudicial killing use to be mass murder. Legal execution, murder one by governors. Shooting some poor schmuck in the back justifiable murder one. Chocking some poor old geezer to death shouldn’t have been selling cigarettes illegally. And then we have Trump?


“medical staff made 18 attempts to insert needles to inject Broom with the deadly cocktail of drugs.”

Who are these so-called “medical” staff? I wouldn’t want to receive any form of ‘treatment’ from their hands.


How the fuck is a death sentence not “cruel and unusual” in a Constitutional setting?


Let’s be real here. Kasich pushing back his execution for a year-and-a-half pretty much guarantees he’s going to die of his chronic illnesses before then. He has prostate and lung cancer, as well as COPD. So, he in effect serves a life sentence for shooting his 18 y/o car-jacking victim to death, while trying to escape police custody for another serious crime. Not exactly a nice guy anyone should shed too many tears over. But, yes, let’s join the rest of the civilized World and end capital punishment.

For those citizens of Ohio reading this, there is a way to effectively end Ohio’s participation in this barbarity. Green Party candidate for Ohio Governor next year, Connie Gardell-Newton, a defense attorney and progressive activist, opposes capital punishment, and as Governor will not allow any executions to take place in the Buckeye State, and will probably commute all existing death sentences. This doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Philadelphia just elected a solid opponent of the death penalty to be it’s DA, someone who ran on a platform of not seeking the death penalty - and for holding the police accountable for their misconduct! Things don’t have to be the way they have been. Peace-loving reformers CAN win high office in this country. #Demexit to the Green Party 2017!


The USA - the paragon of human rights & virtue - not. Think the death penalty, Guantanamo, berlin like border walls, Abu Ghraib, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Chile, asset forfeiture, NSA. This place is and probably has always been run for an elite which at times have been under some restraint because the people at large didn’t go along with the plan like many of the sheep like americans of today seem to. We are at another Robber Baron stage and we know they like repression.


3 strikes should also be against our constitution. Life in prison with no recourse if someone commits 3 felonies? The stakes alone make it not a fair trial. Fair trials have fair verdicts. - not life no matter what the felony, with no recourse. And people supported Hillary Clinton who helped Bill Clinton put that in and she is still on the GEO group’s dole.


In 2016 when the state of Virginia was cut off from their execution drugs, the Virginia state government approved the electric chair for execution. The Democratic Governor vetoed the legislation. Lets face it, America is barbaric in many, many ways.