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Statement on Latest Albert Woodfox Developments


Statement on Latest Albert Woodfox Developments

WASHINGTON - Today, Judge William G. Carmichael of Louisiana's 20th Judicial District Court held a hearing to lay the groundwork for a possible third trial of Albert Woodfox, the last imprisoned member of the Angola 3. In June, U.S. District Judge James Brady ordered Woodfox's unconditional release, overturning his conviction and barring the state from retrying him, but the state of Louisiana appealed the ruling. While the appeal is being considered, the state court is moving ahead with a new trial.



Judge Brady should order US Marshals in to free Woodfox and jail for contempt those keeping him imprisoned.

I'm fairly sure Huey would have phoned Judge Carmichael and asked him whether he wanted to still be a judge next month, because if he didn't order Woodfox freed tout de right now, he'd be impeached and removed.