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States Double Down on Sanctuary Status to Fight Trump's "Cruelty"


States Double Down on Sanctuary Status to Fight Trump's "Cruelty"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

States are getting ready to fight President Donald Trump's xenophobic agenda, with political trendsetters at the front lines.

The Democrat-heavy New York Assembly passed two bills on Monday to make the state a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants, and to give undocumented students access to tuition assistance programs.


Maybe I'm missing something here, and please correct me if I am, but I really don't understand why US taxpayers should be funding education for undocumented immigrants. Along those lines, I don't understand why we give Israel billions of dollars when their people have free education and health care and we don't.

I'm not an isolationist, and I certainly don't want to see millions of people deported and families torn apart. At the same time, I can certainly understand the resentment of the right-wingers on this score, without sharing their opinion.

I applaud sanctuary cities and the efforts they are going to to protect all of their citizens, but I never have an answer for that question...


I hope those bills make it through the NYS Senate. If they do I would expect Governor Cuomo to sign them. Again it appears the US has been divided into two groups, left wingers in the metro areas and right wingers in the hinterlands (although not exactly that). Is there any possibility remaining for these two groups to function as one country. It is appearing more and more doubtful.


I feel embarrassed to have to respond to your comment - but here goes...

The undocumented immigrant children are still human beings and free primary education is a fundamental human right. This is not just a warm-and-fuzzy sentiment. It is spelled out in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights for which the US, believe it or not, is a signatory.

But besides that, it is in our own greedy self-interest that the undocumented be educated - ignorance and illiteracy cause poverty- and poverty causes crime. Also, the undocumented immigrant residents are hopefully not going to remain so.

And curious... do you consider yourself to be left-leaning or progressive in any way? Because your comment regarding taxpayers and education is pretty hard-right and reactionary.


Unfortunately, this article is rather pollyannish. Most states are going the opposite direction - they are writing up bills to halt state funding of sanctuary cities - a death blow much worse than federal funding cuts. This includes that nest of reactionary extremists called the "General Assembly" in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


I am merely echoing the comments of many hard-right people I have heard. Your response is absurd. I have been writing here for quite some time - never has anyone called me a right-winger, nor am I.

As LRX and many others have stated, we have to learn to understand the point of view of the other. From the point of view of the right, undocumented people should be deported, not 'pandered' to. The same holds true for the provision of health-care for the undocumented.

NO, I do not agree. However, to just be dismissive of the position the some Americans do not want to spend their tax dollars to provide services for people who are here illegally condemns us to be forever divided.


If you were merely stating the views of others, you did not make that clear.

I fully understand the views of the xenophobic haters of the poor who worry incessantly that the poor might get some of someone's tax dollars that they "don't deserve". People I work with in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia express such views every day and play Rush Limbaugh every day in their cubicles. And the more I understand them the more vile such views are!


What a crock of crap! Read the article again please. First sanctuary are against federal law, a state doesn't have the right to override federal law. And if Senator Kevin deLeon is telling the truth by saying that California actually gives more money to the federal government through annual taxes then it receives in federal funding why would it then hurt the senior citizens, children, farmers and veterans? Would he hold money from these people just to make a point? What kind of man would do that? Immigration isn't against the law, we all know that. We have a process to allow people in, most of ancestors followed that process, I welcome all who come here the legal way. We once were called the Melting Pot of World. People came here to assimilate our culture because it was better than theirs. There is nothing cruel about asking people to obey our laws. This should not be an issue people, legal immigration is a law, anything else is just plain wrong


I'm calling you a right winger too because you are one. By your own admission you are perfectly willing to let other human beings suffer illness and death because they aren't properly documented.Disgraceful and disgusting! There's a hangman in every Republican.


Aren't you ignoring the fact that US immigration - or for that matter anymore even simply visiting the country, is an extremely onerous and discriminatory process?

My ancestors got off a ship on Ellis Island, someone took down their name and some other informaiton and became citizens. No, they had no skills, spoke only Italian, or German. They still got in. Shouldn't it be this easy today?


I agree- paying for education and housing et al for non citizens is a no brainer. We have enough homeless citizens here already. Other countries will not pay for people who defect from the US.


Laws were different then, and did you forget about 911 , the Boston bombers and more? Plus, the US is no longer the industrialized nation that needs workers.


I welcome the legal way also. Plus, if people from the US enter other developed countries, I believe they are required to have a certain amount of cash and have a job waiting ( that is actually needed in the other country) if they intend to live there.


Remember, if people from the US crossed a border illegally, they would probably be thrown in jail or worse.


There are poor people right here in this country- that is a different issue from illegal immigration. Some cities do not want to be sanctuaries adding poverty on top of poverty , and this is in blue states as well.


Listen, you two. I am not saying that we 'should' deny education and healthcare to undocumented residents. What I am trying to say, is that we need to understand others' points of view if we are to avoid civil war. Calling each other vile and reprehensible across a divide will not bring solutions. While I do think that we should provide those services, I believe it is completely important to understand that there is, in fact, inherent logic in the argument against. On the face of it, what they say makes sense. The morality is a different matter. Throwing half the population in the dumpster because they see things differently is just as repugnant as insisting that abortion should be criminalized.

Whew! This is assuredly NOT the way to begin healing the issues that divide us. Remember, if we only listen to the arguments of those who agree with us, we will never learn anything.


The day is not that far off when you and the whole country will realize that the immigration barriers are there to benefit the rich and no one else. Right now I can list 15 good things that would result from destroying the immigration barriers between all countries.

--- commondreams@discoursemail.com wrote:


I agree completely. Immigration barriers, even the barriers defining countries are ridiculous. Please re-read what I wrote.


You are correct - I did not make myself clear. I am actually attempting to play devil's advocate, in the hopes that perhaps the two sides of the 'aisle'/issues can learn to talk to each other. That starts with at least a modicum of respect.