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States of Change: What the Green New Deal Can Learn from the New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/06/states-change-what-green-new-deal-can-learn-new-deal


This is a really well laid out and informative article. I’ve got it bookmarked and will refer back to to multiple times as we work to implement a Green New Deal in my city and take action at the state level.


The single largest take away from the new deal is that its programs and policies totally contradict the gospel of the “Chicago School of Economics” and the champions of the same , those very people who in the 1980s had peoples in Government claiming Government was the problem and that all they had to do was get out of the way and the “free market” would fix everything.

This proved to be an unmitigated disaster for the working class and yet with the signing of all those Free trade deals intended to fatten the bottom line of Corporations at the expense of the worker, there no sign any Governments act to reverse that.


FDR’s New Deal was ultimately a failure. After an initial success, FDR tried to cut it back but then another recession arrived in 1937 and he had to once more implement reforms but those had little effect and it was the arrival of war that lifted the USA out of its economic slump.

Jeremy Brecher’s book “Strike” is an invaluable history of the militancy of the newly organized CIO in forcing FDR to make a number of concessions to the labor movement.

Although no great academic study, this short article i wrote highlights the main points of that claim.


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Try having a U.S. national broadcaster air a debate evaluating the policy outcomes of the Neo-Liberal E-CONomic policy doctrines and dogmas in play by both political parties since the ascendancy of federally subsidized CHICAGO SCHOOL weaponized propaganda became part of U.S. economic orthodoxy and curricula.

You are correct SuspiraDe to single out the leading role of the University of Chicago School of Economics in crafting these doctrines and dogmas. Milton Friedman and his wife (love a Mom and Pop ideological government contracting monopoly!) Rose Director Friedman knew what Washington elites were trying to preserve in the war of ideas with Communists (who turned out to be cults of personality in Russia and China) and even with Social Democrats across Europe, the Nordic states, Latin and New Deal Revived North America outside of the DC Beltway.

But the government contracting of SHRINK BIG GOVERNMENT propaganda campaigns proliferated globally during the Cold War by The Mighty Wurlitzer and domestically via indirect mass media memes and NEW DEAL ATTACK MEMES like the paleo-neo-conservative label of NANNY STATE didn’t begin and end with the University of Chicago School of Economics. Look up Guy Pauker and the Berkeley Mafia in saving non-aligned Indonesia from drifting into the sphere of either ascendant China’s Mao-ists or the Russian and Soviet Leninists rather than becoming Nixon and Kissinger’s “BIG PRIZE”.

This is what happened in Indonesia after Deep State connivance in breaking many of the Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrines and dogmas becoming the Myth of a Market Directed National and Global Economy. For example our Cold War Industry propaganda bible had as a commandment that only Pinko Communists have the national military centrally plan and direct the nation’s economy. The Berkeley Mafia in fact, on U.S. tax-payer and Ford Foundation black budgets of the Deep State or Shadow Government, taught the Indonesian Military to do just that leading to the broadcast “economic miracle of Neo-Liberal doctrine helping save Indonesia.”:

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The World Trade Organization rules vastly changing the defintion on what can be public, is why everything has changed.


Biden’s plans are to piratize Medicare by removing its protection as exempt by changing how its classified under the definition in the Annex on Financial Services, (expanding it just a tiny bit will change it from services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority, exempt, and subsizizable as long as nothing is changed… (it works like building codes do) to services under the definition of GATS, meaning non exempt, non public, putting it in the category of commercial services that must support themselves… the applicable definition of what can be a public service, is in the Annex, notin Art 1:3 c

please read the first section of the Annex too.

This is important