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States of Fear


States of Fear

Anthony D. Romero

Fear is toxic to a democracy. Fear divides. Fear overreacts. Fear discriminates.

It's a lesson we've learned throughout our history, from the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 to the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during World War II to the post-9/11 Patriot Act. And now in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks, we're relearning that lesson again as some of our leaders put forth proposals that would undermine our commitment to a free, pluralistic, compassionate, and open society.


Fear porn is effective in producing ca$h and winning election$.


Those same governors probably were pro Iraq war, & for the toppling of Assad in Syria & Gadaffi in Libya as was Hillary creating 12 million refugees.
If you don't want those people in the west then stop bombing them out of their homes!!
I'm sure the republicans are happy to see that Obama & Hillary have adopted the insane Neo-con policy & their incompetence is there for all to see.
They conduct wars that have no plan--past, present & no vision for the future.
Really? & we're supposed to trust their leadership as they lie to us everyday?
Don't believe them! They lie about every aspect of this issue.


Fear has been used for centuries to convince populations that there is an outside enemy. In this way, by force or actual consensus, citizens concede to paternalistic government powers.

Way beyond the $ and elections, the equation is about Power. And it's not a conspiracy theory to say that certain neo-con and 1% Deep State interests are intent upon a New World Order.

That Order succeeds through the centralization of power.

The TPP and TIPP are covert ways of furthering this agenda since they nullify the laws of nations and the right of citizens to seek redress. I am talking about the ISDS which is a fancy term for allowing corporate malevolent players to police themselves claiming that any threat to profit violates the treaty, itself.

Also, when after the manufactured financial collapse of 2008 what was engendered under the guise of regulating the big banks instead allowed them to become stronger and more consolidated; and when a handful of corporations own what media features; and another handful controls agriculture, and so on... then these gigantic corporations effectively control most of human commerce along with supplying what people need.

The name of the game is CONTROL... by a few... of the many. THAT is not Democracy or freedom.

The idea of winning elections and/or making money is the fluff. The real agenda is a lot deeper.


"Fear is toxic to a democracy. Fear divides. Fear overreacts. Fear discriminates."

Conservatives live in fear. Therefore conservatives are toxic to democracy.



If it is all fear and not more manipulation than anything else? The other. Them! The dehumanization that takes away their rights or rather takes away the rights we have from them!

Is it really fear that promotes this? Perhaps in part and to be sure it exploits a certain level of fear in some people about 'others' or about immigrants, illegal aliens or refugees... anyone not themselves?

Fear is toxic to a democracy but dehumanizing the 'other' is perhaps the real poison in this case.

Some may call it fear, some may call it hate, sometimes when circumstances are right, the two become indistinguishable.